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Thomson Reuters has provided me a flexible work from home arrangement that has allowed me to get through the baby years with my young ones. The pay and benefits are great. While working from home is great, I do wish they provided more opportunity to get together with co-workers through out the year.
I love working at Thomson Reuters. The strengths of the company are its work/life balance and workplace culture. The work schedule is flexible and is manageable for someone who is caring for a family. After one year, employees get the option to work from home for two days out of the week. They also offer paternity and maternity leave. The company goes out of its way to create events to engage employees. For instance, for Valentines Day, we decorated chocolate pops for our valentines. Management is another strength of the company. Managers are friendly and are open to answer questions. In terms of benefits, the company provides an excellent package. The company encourages employees to save for retirement and matches the employee's contribution. Overall, I say it is a great company to work for and make a stable income. People stay at the Thomson Reuters for about 7 years.
The culture is everything and Thomson Reuters culture is inclusive, and enriching to employees. The health benefits here are excellent. There is an option for 90/10 coverage with a 700$ deductible. The location is great. They expect a lot, it is a high performance culture but the rewards are pride in what we do as a company.
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Plenty to do and learn in oil markets. Restructuring and hiring every year across all segments in office. EIKON requires patience to use.
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