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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Reviews

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Would definitely recommend this place of work to anyone. The management team is always there to help and answer any questions. Very caring staff that will provide anything needed. Overall, an amazing place.
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is an excellent organization to work for. It is innovative and cares about its' employees as it continues to grow to better serve the community in the Tri-State area. There are superior benefits offered to the employees that includes discounts for utilizing the best care at Jefferson. They also offer employees a wellness program to help improve their overall health and well-being.
I absolutely love it here! They are friendly and they have a great sense of work life balance. The staff is a family atmosphere and we all care about the patients. We have plenty of resources and offer a lot to the families that choose to come here. Our doctors are rated among the highest in the country. They are very knowledgeable into what they are doing and they dont mind helping in any way. We are also a teaching facility and we use every opportunity to teach our employees how to be better and how to make this world and even better place through all manners of education and medicine.
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It's average. I'm neither happy nor unhappy. I like my coworkers but wish administration were more in touch with the workers.
very wide variety of specialties to learn. All staff is open to teaching and making sure you retain as much knowledge as you are willing to learn.
Jefferson is a great place to work , it is a teaching hospital that offers great opportunities for growth.
The work is interesting, each day is different. Some of the best coworkers especially with critical patients.
Excellent hospital that cares very much about their patients and their staff. Great place to work. Hospital provides great benefits and compensation. Management is in the medical field, whereas before they were not, so this helps with patient satisfaction overall. Great place to be at.
I like the exposure to clinical experience. It's a very good job to take if you need patient contact hours, and if you want to experience a hospital setting before committing to a career in medicine. It's very fast-paced environment; but you see a lot of interesting patient cases.
The job I have is good. It helps me pay for school. The job works with my full time school schedule. It's conveniently located downtown where transportation is easily accessible. The people in my department are helpful. I have good supervisors. A bad thing is there is a lot gossip but that's at every job.
It is an amazing institution / enterprise that promotes your growth on a daily basis. They encourage higher education and training for all departments and provide tuition reimbursement. It is the start of something new as the enterprise continues to grow and encompass new and different cultures. Everyday is a learning experience for the future.
Beautiful place to work!!) The physicians and med staff are very informative and professional in every aspect.
Its ok to work there. Not anything extravagant. Pay is ok. Benefits are ok. I am young so this is just a stepping stone for me. I do not see myself making this job career. I don't even plan on stay the next full calendar year.
TJUH has an incredible working atmosphere and the staff are fantastic. Professionalism is of utmost importance, and the physicians are nothing short of passionate about their careers and patients. The hospital is also conscious about the imperativeness of diversity in the workplace and medical college.
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