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700 East Franklin Road
Meridian, ID 83642

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Food & Beverage

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Thomas Cuisine Management Reviews

3 reviews
Thomas Cuisine Management is a great company to work for. The location I work at is a small operation, but that does not stop corporate from coming down and visiting on occasion. They are all easy to talk to, and if an issue arises it is usually taken care of quickly. The pay and benefits are good. There is always room to grow, especially if you are willing to relocate. Over all I would say that my experience working for Thomas Cuisine Management has been a good one. I would highly recommend this company, not only for employment, but also for business.
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Great job opportunity and you have the ability to learn new skills. Lots of new opportunities for advancement. I would like to see better benefits and more flexible schedules with school.
This company doesn't support military families. Don't trust their word. Lies about caring about it's employees. Upper management only looks out for themselves.