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Think Together is amazing, they support me, and help me succeed. We work toward improving students odds and help them orient towards college educations. I love my work, and encourage anyone interested in working with students to look into Think Together
Kids are great I wish they trained better.
Its more a learn as you go job. I haven't yet seen growth opportunities that they talked about in the interview or the raise after the probationary period. I would like to grow in this company I guess for now I will wait out and see ehat happens. Hours is 30 around a week. This is a great stepping stone into the teaching if thats what you want to do. First off you must have patience, be able to keep the kids engaged and interested to keep their attention.
What I like about Think Together is that there is always encouragement and opportunity for growth. The Supervisors are always pushing for professional development of their staff and when the opportunity for hiring they always hire or promote from within. The Managers believe in their staff and that’s encouraging when working for a company whose employers share the same mission. Think Together has been a wonderful opportunity. The staff is kind and friendly and always seek out the best in others. The mission is to change the odds for kids and the culture of the company very much defines that.
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The idea behind think together is great but the company is run very poorly. The grant requirements force the kids to do things they don't want to do, resulting in miserable children and confused parents. Some of the grant requirements make sense, but others are ridiculous-- the kids are in school for 8 hours a day, why should the next 4 hours be even more strict than the previous?
Depends on the department, however there can be a lot of favoritism. For some departments, there is a lack of professional development however, the employees that work on schools sites are so amazing to work with. The pay and lack of PD is just a downfall.
I like how we interact with the kids and provide them support with homework. The parents are understanding for the most part and so are the supervisors. The environment is positive and energetic. I would change how management supports the program leader. The budget is not enough to secure the program leaders effectiveness with their students.
Think Together is the perfect way to give back to the community by fostering and empowering the youth of tomorrow.
I love the relationships with the students and building the experience as a teacher, the one dislike i have is the direction the company is going towards. Taking away the whole fun aspect of after school programs, now it seems as school after school.
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