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1115 14th St
Modesto, CA 95354

About Therapeutic Pathways

Health Care
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Therapeutic Pathways Reviews

3 reviews
They truly do care about the children there and want nothing but the best for the clients. However, as an employee, that generosity is spread thin. Some clinical and Staff Development Assistants can be kind, others can be cold and rude. This also varies from site to site but from the few sites I've visited it's been the same experience. Also, they say if your sick to call out, but then get upset when you actually call out.
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Therapeutic Pathways is a great way for those interested in working with special needa children to gain experience in the field. Entry level positions do not require a college degree but a lot of training is provided. Management will encourage and work with you to earn a degree and move up in the company.
The job is very rewarding when it comes to helping another person. The management is the worst I have ever seen. You are replaceable and meaningless to them. I only stuck around for as long as I did was because I found a purpose for living when I saw how happy I made my clients and their families.