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Every day I get to go to work at Walt Disney World and create magic through my actions for families from all around the world. It is truly incredible to see the small things you do everyday impact people in such powerful ways. Working for the Walt Disney Company is one of the greatest experiences I could have ever asked for.
While the benefits of being a cast member are nice. After 10 months of dealing with crappy management and no help from the Union or HR team I decided to start looking else where. If you like working for rude and non caring chefs than ask for the Polynesian. If you are lucky enough to get onto mornings you'll be made to do nothing most of the time and never held accountable for much. If you get stuck on nights than you will work with the hardest working people I know. They all come in usually pretty positive and work theirs butts off everyday. My only wish for that crew is they all get out and start getting appreciated for working harder than anyone in that kitchen.
I have absolutely enjoyed my time working for the Walt Disney Company. I have been statused both a college programmer and part time, working in both merchandise and parking at Walt Disney World. This company truly appreciates their cast members and drives them to succeed. My only wish is visible tattoos and piercings be allowed.
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I work in Security at Walt Disney World. Overall, my experience with Disney Security has been positive and I have moved up relatively quickly. There's a lot of room for growth within the Walt Disney Company. I love the new Disney Aspire Program that offers paid tuition to all hourly Cast Members.
I love working for the Disney Company. Not only are the perks great, but it’s a great environment to work in. We are really like one big family and I always feel very taken care of. The only thing that I would change is the consistency with management. Our managers switch locations pretty often, so it is difficult to get to know our managers well. But it is a wonderful place to work with very king and caring leaders and coworkers.
I loved working here. Pay could be better and I wish there were more open spots in my department. Your experience may vary based on where you work. My job was fun and our team was like family.
The Walt Disney Company gives Cast Members opportunities to maximize the role you are currently in, and leaves room for you to look at other aspects of the company. Ultimately, the overall experience with The Walt Disney Company was rewarding, and I would work there again.
Working at the Walt Disney Company has been such an amazing experience. Learning a whole new culture of a legacy that one man left behind has made me a better person and such a hard worker. It is truly one of the best decisions I've made.
The benefits and perks are amazing. However, it can be difficult to get promotions, and scheduling is very tricky. I was promised that I would be able to be worked with on my schedule because I had another job and also went to school full-time. Instead of being set up for success in my schedule I sometimes felt like I was not being heard or understood. Getting time off can be challenging.
I have been at Disney for about 10 years now and I have loved every moment of my time there. I haven worked in about 6 different roles at Disney over my 10 years, which is one of the best parts about working for the company you can always change roles anytime. Not only that, they have now started paying 100 percent of college education up to master degrees. This is a big benefit in my book.
Joining the Walt Disney Company has been a very fulfilling and inspiring job. Throughout my two years with the company, I've learned how to demonstrate proper etiquette with people, help others when in need and become a role model for others who want to be in security or law enforcement. This job takes on some serious situations but together with my other employees, we learn that teamwork helps make life safer and more enjoyable for our guest.
I love working at a place where everyone is genuinely passionate about the characters and stories we tell. People are friendly and even though it is a big company, it still feels small and intimate. I have been there for almost four years and I still love going to work everyday!
Working at Walt Disney World is an experience like no other. You will meet people from all over the world, you will learn insider information that not many people are privy to, and you will see another side of people that you won't get anywhere else. The work can be hard, the hours can be extremely extensive, and the weather can be brutal. The guests are going to yell at you, the rides breaking will be your fault, and anything that goes wrong will be a direct reflection of you, specifically. However, as a frontline cast member, you have the ability to call on countless resources - coordinators, managers, team leaders, etc. who are willing to stand behind you and support you whenever you need.
Great people to work with and top tier management. A little difficult to get time off but other than that they treat their employees really well.
I work in a Disney Store and have been employed here for about a month. It is an amazing and nearly stress free environment. I previously worked at Old Navy, and my experience there and here have been like night and day. I get to work with friendly people who are very genuine and kind. I sing along to Disney songs and put cuddly toys in the hands of sweet kids for all my shift.
I absolutely loved my time with the WDW Company. I was placed in the bakery of one of the deluxe resorts and was given many opportunities to learn and develop my skills. They have strict rules on compensation and treat everyone fairly with automated payroll systems. The management constantly asked for feedback on others and themselves and the executive chef was constantly on the lookout of cast members deserving of recognition. Sometimes communication was poor in the inner circle of management.
I have worked at this company for a total of five years. I absolute love working there because they are always changing. I love that they have an education program for their employees and that they have many resources to help with anything. I do think that some areas are better than others and that it becomes more difficult in certain areas to move up in the company. How ever this isn't true in all areas and the company is pleasurable to work for and the perks are just a bonus
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I love working here! You get to make a lot of friends from all over the world, and it's so fun to make people's day!
If you enjoy Disney, you will greatly enjoy the presence of like-minded individuals. However, the primary benefit of working for this company for many is the prestige of the name, not the job itself. Hours can be tough and pay for many positions is underwhelming. Benefits are adequate (and include a ton of Disney discounts, if you're into that), but unless you are working a creative job I can see the "magic" of Disney wearing off quickly for many.
I really liked working at WDW, it's a big company and they have the resources to make it an amazing workplace. I had so many fun moments at my past job and I meet so many wonderful cast members. Disney is a big family and anybody you meet on the job is a new friend.
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