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The most frustrating part about the industry was there being no room for growth--especially when management was displaying favoritism. Because of my position as a courtesy clerk I received no respect, no matter much how I carried myself with class. I was capable of more responsibility yet I was given no opportunities. At times I would be moved to the floral department and help blow up balloons for special occasions. Other than that, I was always overlooked for a higher position within the story-- even when I just reliable characteristics such as always showing up on time, never calling out, always being willing to help around and not disappearing out of the blue.
I've been having a good experience at Vons. The store is close to my location and it's very fast paced. I learn a lot being over there.
I like everyone at the company. Everyone treats me like family. I love the hours and how flexible the company can be. This is a great company to work for.
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This is definitely a great job because of the benefits and healthcare you can receive. However, I can’t say I look forward to going to work everyday. While all of the employees for the most part get along, it can be a very stressful and depressing place to work. For some people it is a perfect fit, but as for myself, I don’t plan on staying with the company long enough to make it a career.
Overall, this is a great job for a young student trying to make money while going to school. the scheduling is sometimes bothersome, due to lack of hours and under scheduling employees. Its a stable job. However if your not guaranteed 40hrs per week as a full time worker you are subject to losing hours. My actual department is pretty pleasant as far as the work requirements. My manager can be a bit of a bother, but that is normal when working under anyone at any esatblishment.
I started working at Vons back in 2015. THere was an opening at the Meath clerk position, so I took the spot. At first the job was tough, with breaking boxes and dealing with customers. Now the job is riddled with people in power that are only looking out for themselves. I want to enjoy this job but I feel that my body and heart no long can take the misery. Just being Honest.
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