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Overall, it is a good job. Steady traffic makes the time go by, learned multiple skills like becoming a notary, awesome relationships with coworkers and customers, as well as fun perks to inspire certain business decisions. The thing I would like to see change is corporate seeing what works in the systems before they change everything (some not for the better).
Helpful and kind employees, comfortable work environment. I enjoy coming to work and I enjoy the customers that come in. Most issues are easy to fix and everyone is left happy in the end.
The pay is pretty good and the benefits are amazing. You receive a lot of benefits for being a worker at the company and they give you free snacks and food on a daily.
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Great customer service, quality help. There was only so much the people at the store could do but they helped me get in contact with someone who could.
I Like working for The UPS Store, The owners are very friendly and they pride themselves for treating employees like family. this job is very relaxed environment. The only thing that I would like to see change would be a bonus system in place. There is little to no opportunity to grow and there are no benefits. Its a perfect job for someone still in school.
My experience working at The UPS Store has been wonderful. I am never bored and always seen to find a way to help someone with an issue they are struggling with.
For a job that requires no prior training or education it really can’t be beat. There are times when it gets rough i.e. Christmas time, and whenever the local colleges let out for holidays. But when your not in those times it’s a great job in a great atmosphere.
I always have a good experience at the UPS store. The workers are very friendly and helpful. I really enjoy my hours which might sounds crazy because I work very early in the morning from 4-8. I like this because I am able to get something done and make money, then go home and be able to do something else, work another job, spend time with my family, etc.
My particular store's location is great as it is on the campus I attend school at, is centrally located, managers work with my school schedule, but those are the only positives. I work with a very rude and inept associate. The pay could be much better for all the work I do (printing, packing/shipping, package receiving, faxing, notarizing), but being that I'm a student, it covers just enough to pay my educational/housing expenses. Not much more wiggle room for anything else. Poor growth opportunities, no benefits as we are independently franchised (no medical insurance/benefits), and raises are scarce. Management won't schedule more hours as they have a budget for all their campus store employees (my store is one of six campus UPS stores in San Antonio). Extra hours would help greatly. The place isn't too terrible if you're looking for something basic to cover your essentials, are a student like me, or if you're a "for the money" person, but not a place to establish a career.
The UPS Store employees are consistently providing excellent customer service. They are brilliantly trained in a wide array of areas, such as packing, shipping, postal services, mailboxes, laminating, binding, and creating a great experience for each person who walks through the door.
Good place to work if you are attending school. The pay is not a lot but store closes by 8:00pm so gives you time to still have a social life. Customers could be rude and expect you to have an answer to all the questions that they have. Some customers are surprised with the high cost of shipping items.
I like how easy it is for me to walk In an they already know what I need done and how fast paced it is. The workers there are all manerable and the environment is very exciting, inviting, and friendly
The company is great with great benefits. The people and atmosphere is amazing. The benefits are amazing because they are free as long as you work part-time. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There is always time to make overtime hours. They work with you in so many different ways. I love them and would never change companies for the world.
the experience i have received from UPS is great form management to the workplace culture and the schedule fits my personal life perfect i am able to balance school with work without issues.
I love my experiences at the UPS Store, and my coworkers! I come to work everyday excited to do my job and make people's lives a little easier.
Every UPS Store is independently owned, so the experience may vary. I have had coworkers who do not like their owners, and some do. In my case, I got lucky! The Knickerbockers are a tight knit family that own 7 stores so far and really look out for the well being of their employees! I have been working there for 3 years and although there have been ups and downs, it's a great job to seek growth as an individual! Great for college students as well because you can work part time.
I worked at the UPS Store as a part-time and everyone was very nice. At the location that I was at on Saturdays only one person worked, usually me, and it could get a little hectic. I managed to keep everything going, but if you are looking for an easy job maybe think about it twice. Christmas season is crazy!
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Great place to work, and management is very good. Great part time job, not much room for promotion. Nice coworkers, great environment.
I love the interactions with the public and the hospitality in the customer service. But being small franchises the businesses aren't able support their employees value.
Its a typical warehouse job. I currently load trucks with packages. You do the same thing everyday , the only thing that may change is the volume and pace. If you are prone to letting yourself get overwhelmed then this may not be the job for you. But overall its a good first job. Ohhhhhhh.... and you get nice workout for free. I ve gotten so much stronger working here.
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