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6060 Cornerstone Cour
West San Diego, CA 92121
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Every UPS Store is independently owned, so the experience may vary. I have had coworkers who do not like their owners, and some do. In my case, I got lucky! The Knickerbockers are a tight knit family that own 7 stores so far and really look out for the well being of their employees! I have been working there for 3 years and although there have been ups and downs, it's a great job to seek growth as an individual! Great for college students as well because you can work part time.
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My particular store's location is great as it is on the campus I attend school at, is centrally located, managers work with my school schedule, but those are the only positives. I work with a very rude and inept associate. The pay could be much better for all the work I do (printing, packing/shipping, package receiving, faxing, notarizing), but being that I'm a student, it covers just enough to pay my educational/housing expenses. Not much more wiggle room for anything else. Poor growth opportunities, no benefits as we are independently franchised (no medical insurance/benefits), and raises are scarce. Management won't schedule more hours as they have a budget for all their campus store employees (my store is one of six campus UPS stores in San Antonio). Extra hours would help greatly. The place isn't too terrible if you're looking for something basic to cover your essentials, are a student like me, or if you're a "for the money" person, but not a place to establish a career.
I have loved working here. I was trained very well from the start, and the job is pretty repetitive so it only takes about a month to get used to things. It gives one a lot of experience when it comes to customer experience and problem-solving because we have to be ready to answer any questions, and be quick to come up with different solutions when a customer is unwilling to pay a certain amount.