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Been with the company for 5 years. The benefits for employees are great. Formed some of the best relationships with my peers. It’s been a very rewarding experience!
I like being around the people and working with them. I would like to do more so I’m more diverse other than being stuck in one place.
Pay for nurses and aides are very competitive. The differentials for nights and weekends are great. Management actually listens to concerns and strives to make the hospital a better environment.
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I'm a prn float who is also a student, but I love working here! Everyone is so nice, it has a great reputation, and the training process was well done. I've worked at two other hospitals before this, but this is the best one and experience I've had for sure.
As far as good healthcare goes, KU Med is a leader in that industry. As far as working on my particular unit, there are usually not enough aides to have a good ratio between Aide and patient, so I feel like that could be improved by maybe having a bigger float pool for when coworkers are sick. The pay is less than someone would make in a nursing home, so that is discouraging as well. Overall though, it’s a good place to get Hospital experience, and I’m applying for this scholarship because I have been accepted into a nursing school.
Medical assistance be treated fairly. Being recognized for heard work. Being fair to their employees
I love my job and the people I work with daily. There are times recently where I question if I am in the right place, wanting to have more of a voice.
KU is an amazing place to work. People are friendly, always envolving for the better. Always able to grow knowledge and career.
I currently work at the University of Kansas Health System and it has been a great experience working for this company. I love my coworkers and my supervisors are compassionate.
The Universify of Kansas Health System is one of the best of the best. If you work in the area especially as a nurse or CNA you want to work here. For the most part all employees are treated right, there’s no such thing as discrimination. The pay while not the best for a CNA is still fair and there are always opportunities to make more. You will not find a better group of hard working individuals anywhere else. There’s a job that needs to get done and sometimes you have to be a little innovative to get the results you want. Which is ultimately to save lives.
I have never worked for a more caring and compassionate group of people. The hospital is a wonderful environment and everyone is really focused on patient care.
This hospital seems to take relatively good care of its employees as compared to other hospitals. The staff also is relatively well compensated. It is one of the safest hospitals to work in within the KC metro area.
They value their employees, and patient care comes first. Unfortunately the parking situation is absolutely horrid.
I loved my time at KU. But when I realized what else was out there it was an easy decision to leave. KU has become so big, their employees are just numbers at this point. Not individuals. Great Health Insurance though.
Great place to work! Lot of Opportunities for growth and learning. They want you to succeed and there are several benefits to being an employee like tuition reimbursement and great benefits.
This is a great place to work. The people are friendly, and they encourage growth and furthering education.
Compassionate, equal opportunity, diverse, and Safe work environment. Co- workers always tend to stay positive towards patients and staff. Never a sad face always a smile from beginning to the end of the shift.
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Nurses and doctors are caring for patients. I would like to see better retirement plans, flexible hours, and able to work remotely.
The benefits are excellent. Coworkers are great. Many opportunities and fields of work that you can get into. I would like to see more stable management. I feel our management changes quite often, but overall a very good place to work and grow.
I am close to finishing a LPN program and as soon as I started this program I got a job in a hospital, KU a gave me a when I had no medical experience, hadn’t even begun nursing school! Every single team member of the university of Kansas health system have a huge impact in our patients lives. Now I am on the neuro ICU. I couldn’t of got there with out the support and educational opportunities all the health care team members provided me. I will never leave KU, (well of course if I were to move states I have to), but other than that, I take extreme pride for being part of something more, where all the health care team and hospitals employees work together, directly or indirectly with the patients and give them the best care and medical attention they deserve. Which is the best, no matter what.
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