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Travelers is a fantastic company to work for. I am fortunate and grateful to have this internship. The work is meaningful the people are nice and always willing to help you out. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Food is a tad over priced so bring your own lunch or buy elsewhere but otherwise Travelers is great.
I worked at Travelers for a few years. During that time, I moved up twice and was recognized and honored for my work ethics and achievements. This company helps their employees move up in the company and provides the tools and guidance needed.
I love how family oriented my company is and how flexible they are. The many opportunities that they provide is amazing. The culture is like no other I’ve experienced!
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Great company all around- excellent leadership, large amount of paid time off, paid holidays and great benefits.
The culture at Travelers is supportive, open-minded and driven by an eagerness to learn and grow. Employees are treated with respect and offered countless opportunities for development. Diversity and inclusion are regarded as business imperatives as well as priority values and you feel that every day in every interaction.
Great company to work for, great benefits, paid time off, good pay and flexible hours. Management cares about employees and there are always opportunities within the company.
Amazing company with great benefits ranging from health/life/dental/vision insurance to retirement options to company car to PTO. What is not to like about Travelers! Very rewarding work too!
Stable company. Not much room to grow. Decent benefits. Good place to work for a person with average to low ambition.
It is a great company to work for. If you are a hard worker, the company will invest in you. Great training and excellent management. There is a lot of opportunity to move up within the organization. Leadership cares about their employees and work-life balance. They encourage continuing your education and investing in your personal development.
I really like working here, I work for an independent agent. I have worked for the company for about two years and my boss has always been very kind to me and understanding of my student schedule. I had major surgery within the first year of working and was absent about three weeks and I was compensated for the time I had to be gone. The office is typically calm and customers tend to be happy with claims and coverage. I have never had a problem with any of my coworkers, they are all hard working and diligent. My schedule is very flexible and I have never had an issue with getting a day off if it is within reason.
I’ve been at Travelers for 10 years, and have had a great experience in the three different jobs I’ve held, and 2 different offices I’ve worked at.
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