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The job is okay, but the employees do not get paid enough. Customer service has a tendency to be a thankless field. It makes me that much more appreciative that I am in college.
I have worked here 2years and 21/2months. The manager who hired me back in 2019 was funny but he is no longer there I have learned to lay out sensor hang clothes clean carts and counting.i learned processing purses.I learned the 80 line process not the best part of my job.i have noticed since last year I have been treated really different cause I came into the job with certain disabilities which I have but not as much.the managers and store depend on me alot more like working longer hours coming in on my days off.I am a part time employee.I want to remain here but I think it's time to move to another Job cause I don't get paid for my my full hours I work.i have been told I am very hardworking very dependable and very reliable but that should not be the reason to over work they need to hire more people and raise the starting pay from $9 to 10.50 a hour. They also ignore doctors notes brought in from employees.they ignore employees that are injured or dehydrated.
Working here isn't a difficult job. What makes a place that isn't desirable is the pressure they put on you to sell their credit card. They make you feel ashamed if you can't sell the card enough.
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Working for this company you have many opportunities for advancement. TJX are very flexible when it comes to their associates work life. Managers are willing to train their associates without causing a hassle.
I like the diversity of the workplace. My co-workers and I are provided and create a welcoming environment. I like that everyone is supported in their strengths and weaknesses. The managers are completely understanding and accommodate the college students' workload.
They have very good products. The work environment is very nice and friendly. Everyone is very helpful and caring about one another.
This is my first job and the experience has been excellent. The TJX Companies really care for their employees. The managers are very nice and extremely understandable. Lastly, they are super flexible and work with your schedule.
I have worked at TJ-Maxx for over a year now and it is a great job to have for students like me. I work part-time and still get great hours, bonuses, and many other benefits.
Where do I start? There is so many great things about tjx!
The best part for me while working here is definitely management. The managers are so understanding and kind! They will encourage you to do better and tell you where to improve in a way that makes you want to do better to please them...not because your scared of making mistakes and getting in trouble. In fact, I trust them so much that once when I did something I knew I wasn't supposed to do and nobody even saw me, I felt so bad that I went and told them that I messed up. Instead of getting in trouble, the response was, yes I shouldn't have done that, however everyone makes mistakes and we learn from our mistakes.
They have gone above and beyond at my store to keep us safe during covid. I have T1 diabetes and they knew I was worried about covid. Without me even asking, they have tried to keep me off of cash and given me as much as possible shifts where I have less contact with lots of customers.
Very thankful to be working her
As a high school student and a student athlete, I am in need of a flexible schedule. The TJX companies have provided me with this, and I am able to work and have a balanced schedule. Overall, my experience has been positive and I look forward to continuing to work for the TJX companies.
I love working for TJX Company Marshall’s. I enjoy my coworkers and the environment. We get the job done and always get along. There is always someone new and new things to do at work.
They are very considerate of their workers especially due to covid-19. They try their best to work around your availability which is something I really appreciate from them considering I'm still in school. The managers are very friendly and easy to get along with and it really feels like you're apart of a team working them.
Starting pay here in OK is $9/h which is comparatively pretty good compared to most other part-time employers. They also mandate plenty of breaks for employees.
I work at a very busy location. The store managers are kind and are always willing to adjust your hours or schedule. It can be disorganized at times and can get tiring.
Such a great workplace culture. Everyone on my team is friends and they value feedback and input on all aspects of the business.
When I was hired there was very little training involved. I had worked retail previously so it was assumed I could function alone, but a new company means policies and equipment that is completely different. It seems that management does not want to work for the company. They are overworked and given few options to help employees. They will not keep good employees if they continue to treat them as if they are disposable.
I've been working for the company for over 6 years. There is very little opportunity for advancement even if you do good work and are a great employee because of the limited number of coordinator and management positions. I was fortunate to get a front end coordinator position my 3rd year working for them so I was in charge of all the customer and cashier issues and complaints. They have a limited number of full time positions which all mainly go to older adults who have been with the company for 10+ years so if you've looking for some hours during the day 8-5 and are starting off you most likely won't get them the want "new hires", people who haven't worked 10+ years, to work nights and weekends and they only make your schedule the Saturday before the next week but if you want off management wants 2 months in advance. Very unpredictable schedule. Also as with most places the customer is always right even in price swapping and return issues. So these unpleasant customers often return.
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Our office is very close, and it makes it so you care about what you are doing. Our supervisors care about you as a person and get to know your interests and goals.
I love working for this company! This is a company who truly cares for their employees. Especially during this pandemic, I've seen outstanding support from managers and TJX.
the company is so friendly. the environment is always welcoming. I consider the people I work with like family. I've never felt more appreciated than when I work for this company. I hope to continue working here as long as I can
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