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I have enjoyed working for the TJX Companies. I am an employee at the Marshalls in my hometown so the commute is very easy for me. My coworkers are very pleasant and very accommodating when needing to arrange time off. The culture is very laid back and fun. I would highly recommend this organization...It has been a great first job for me.
The company has friendly and outgoing employees. However, the do not give you hours on a weekly basis. They give ten hours on average to work per week. The Company itself is outdated and this could risk the loss of customers.
My favorite part about working for TJX is my co-workers, whom have impacted my life not only at work but also outside of work. The friendly atmosphere that my co-workers have created has made my work experience at TJX more comfortable. The TJX Company has allowed me to make several close friends and form friendships that I would have not made elsewhere. We encourage each other to work harder and stay on top of our assigned projects. Whenever we come across an obstacle we work together as a team to find a solution. The environment at TJX allows individuals to grow through hard work and build friendships within a diverse group of employees.
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Overall great expirience! Very flexible, find the right times for you personal life. Work sometimes is tough, but that’s depending on how mane customers come in! Managers are friendly and the people there are overall nice.
As one of the youngest employees go I was honestly poorly treated by two of the head managers. Others in the company were very kind to me and understanding considering I was a young girl working and still in school too. The two managers were very rude to the point where customers would tell me later that the way the managers were treating me wasn't ok. Overall the pay of $9 an hour for the managers making me do all their manual labor wasn't worth it.
It is very fun to work in the company. I have worked here for about 2 years. I enjoy the other associates that I work with. The management is good but could also be improved. I enjoy working in the retail aspect of the company. It is lively and interesting.
I truly enjoy working in the TJX Companies. I have been a part of the family for almost 2 years now. This job provides you with experience in both professional and social ways. The company is organized and takes into consideration their employees when making decisions about the future of the company. It is a good place to work.
Pay raise and organization. The stores need to be organized and monitored more. There should be more time spent putting things in their proper places.
Great team to work with (depends on the location. However, there are no guaranteed hours and no benefits — customers and aggressive, and even dangerous at times.
I love working under the TJX Companies. I have had a great experience with Marshall's being my first job. I work alongside many great people who are always positive and hardworking, it makes my job a lot easier. I have built great relationships not only with my coworkers but with my managers as well.
I have worked here since high school. It has been 8 years and through all my schooling different full-time jobs and going back to school, there have been different managers who have all been very considerate and understanding with giving me hours that worked best for me with my schedule. It's a perfect part-time job. I was full time for a few months there are definitely opportunities for growth in the company.
I enjoy working here. I have grown with the company and look forward to where I go with them. I have worked for TJ Maxx for two years now. I hope to one day become a District Manager. Working at TJ Maxx is rewarding when you get a satisfied customer that lets you know they have found what they were looking for.
As an associate you truly feel appreciated for your work. I have walked into the break room numerous times to be welcomed with rewards for hard work.
The company as a whole is wonderful to the people you work with and the customers who support us. As an employee the company takes care of us and are very open to listening and taking in thoughts and information we have to offer.
I absolutely loved working for this company. The TJX Companies truly cares for it's employees and takes pride in for what they stand for. Although their policies and benefits were great when I worked there, the company always worked to make them better.
I love this company especially for what they do: recycle! (Almost). To take "last years model" or products that were going to be trashed, to be re-sold is an amazing and unique concept. It's a win for the company who originally sold the product since they're getting profit for products that were going to be thrown out, it is a win for the TJX Company re-selling the product to make profit and it's a win for the consumer because they get the product at a cheaper price!
I work at TJmaxx and its a super fun environment and I love working here. The 10% off discount is super nice too.
Overall, I really enjoy working at TJ Maxx! It is a very average job that requires an average skill set. The employees are all very friendly and willing to help out. The managers are fun and care about their employees. The discount is nice.
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I work for Marshalls. I enjoy all my coworkers except for a select few. The customers can be rude and tend to treat the store like a swap meet or day care.
The work environment is great! I enjoy my time working for this company. Training is thorough and helpful. Management is there to help and provide support to associates. I got along with most of my colleagues, and felt it was true teamwork that made the job easier and efficient.
I really enjoyed working for TJ Maxx because of the friendly environment and the flexible schedule. There was also such a comfortable relationship with everyone , we worked well as a team.
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