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The Salvation Army is a great place to work if you are passionate about mission-driven work. Can be frustrating if you like to shake things up as they tend to be stuck in their ways, but they are definitely helping people day in and out!
the salvation army provides help to the needy aswell as being a nonprofit business. I enjoy that gently used items can be given a second home at the thrift store facilities apposed to being thrown into a landfill. I am overly happy with the excellent work experience and positive work environment that the salvation army provides me.
Great atmosphere. I always enjoy the communication and opportunity for learning in a work place. Religiously I am able to grow as well as independently.
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I would like to see more support from upper management. We should also train staff more to prepare them for the next level.
I personally love the flexibility of my job, especially when something comes up with my daughter. They also offer phenomenal insurance benefits.
I love the fact that I am able to serve others. My passion is substance abuse and many homeless individuals fall into the category of drug addiction. A very rewarding job if you are passionate about helping people.
Working at The Salvation Army gives a rewarding feeling. There are many events throughout the year you can work towards, especially Christmas celebrations. The work is interesting, though at times emotionally draining. Also, since it is a non-profit, the pay isn't high.
I felt the supervision were very cold and standoffish with the interns. I was treated great by other counselors, intake coordinators, and staff. The experience I received was priceless, as I facilitated process, smoking cessation, anger management, and family groups. The Lead Counselor allowed me to do individual counseling sessions with eight to twelve Beneficiaries every week, and gave me awesome feedback in our weekly counselor's meeting. I was there for seventeen months, and they continuously encouraged me to apply for a full time position. When I finally went to their official site and applied, it took them six weeks to be interviewed by the same Lead Counselor who was encouraging me to apply. I heard from other interns that The Salvation Army tends to use Interns as often as possible, and only runs hiring adds as a formality. I tried my best to stick to counseling and avoid their politics or business model
A company that prides itself on helping the "least of these", however, do not know how to treat employees that bend over backward for them for years. They are going the way of the world and away from the Christian background on which they were founded.
I love the work enviroment because it's not overbearing and it allows people to freely express their religion. We can openly celebrate Christmas without getting slack from the higher ups.
I work for the community center in Chicago. The building and grounds are great. It's a generally happy place. I would like to see more communication between the department.
I would like it the Salvation Army paid its summer time workers a little more. Our pay is horrible considering we work around 14 hours a day. The work environment should also offer more time for employees to rest because working at a summer camp creates a fast paced environment that makes it easy for staff members to burn out. I would also like to see a more serious tone of integrity in workers. The Salvation Army is a christian organization and should ensure that its staff members represent the gospel in an appropriate way both on and off duty.
Enjoyed working with the clients and helping find resources and housing options to help and heal homelessness. Also maintain a safe environment for all clients that stayed in the shelter. Providing food, bed, and endless resources for health,vision and dental.
I love working for the Salvation Army Kroc Center. I have been a Lead Lifeguard for almost 2 years now. The job is flexible for school and fun. The co workers are friendly and we are close- knit family with the other departments. One improvement that I would like to see is more advertisement for the younger crowd. I believe that they can utilize the Kroc Center for many things. The gym and weight room are in good condition. They also offer work out classes. Personally, I have always been interested in the ukulele classes.
I love the work that we do. We are helping people to reclaim their hope, lives, and families. We strive everyday to be agents of change.
If you want to do the most good thing volunteer at the Salvation Army. There is a lot of people that needs your help. been able to have the circle of life going the balances even then Salvation Army is where you can get those needs met.
Great management and learning experience for an entry level development professional. My supervisor was patient with me and willing to train me in whatever area I need growth, development or additional support. The pay needs to be more competitive with other non-profit organizations.
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I worked as a Program Assistant at a Learning Center, which was a part-time after school program during the school year and a full-time day camp during the summer. You get paid a little over minimum wage, and it is mostly a teaching position. If you are passionate about teaching, or you are passionate about working with difficult and under-privileged children then you will be very good at this job and you will find the work difficult but enjoyable. However, if neither of these things is your passion, then you will not have an enjoyable time at this job. The work is hard and stressful, and you work with difficult kids who are, most of the time, uncooperative. Overall, I have worked here for a year and a half, and I enjoyed the children and my coworkers a lot.
I like that there are several services that are provided for all people in the community. I love that there are centers for homeless people and also families in transition.
Working with co- workers that's extremely supportive of one another. The pay need to significantly change. We are being underpaid
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