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The work environment is productive, there is always room for growth here. The company have fun theme days for employees to participate in. Pay is competitive, and they have full benefits.
I did like the atmosphere of family that came from working at the Corpus Christi location. The managers and personnel were warm and welcoming. I moved up in the company quite nicely. The only thing I would change is the pay. They do not pay enough to warrant the kind of treatment you received from some of the customers.
I appreciate the respect they hold for their employees and their scheduling needs. They also offer good benefits including a 401k retirement plan.
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Working at the Results Companies was a good time. I enjoyed the people and clients I worked for and with. I felt taken advantage of though. As the only bilingual supervisor who apparently was the bilingual certifier, I was not compensated for this while agents on the floor were. I was asked many times to assist with other accounts that prevented me from doing my daily duties as well while still needing to meet my weekly and monthly goals. It's a great job, but not worth the pay.
I loved the training enviroment and I enjoy my job I was very prepared for it once I started the only thing I would change is location our parking garage is horrible to get in and out of
Nothing spectacular. Just an average place to work. Direct supervisors are caring, but higher-ups don't care. Benefits suck. Seasonal employment so if you need a job temporarily, it's perfect.
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