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1301 Punchbowl St
Honolulu, HI 96813
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Queen’s pays well. For admin, starting is $20. If you’re looking at professional careers such as nursing, new grad nurses pay rate is $45 and goes up to about $53 after a probation. I know nurses making about $65. I can imagine the doctors! Anyways, benefits are good too. Less strict than Kaiser & Castle when it comes to calling in sick.
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Queen's is a great place to work with lots of opportunities for career growth and networking. Queen's cares about their employees' happiness and safety and carries the loving spirit of ALOHA always!
The Queens Medical Center has been the best as far as employers. As a National Guard Soldier, my supervisor and chain of command supports me. They all make sure I feel safe and implement safe practice at all times even if it meant retraining when I get back from military missions. They emphasize on shared governance and shows they value each and everyone of us Nurses through different acts and recognition events.