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Friendly, organized environment that has understanding and flexible hours. The management is so kind and adapting if you need to adjust your schedule and they will help you move it around for whatever reason you may need. They create an atmosphere where you enjoy going to work
Princeton Review, for their Instructors, offers a very flexible and adjustable schedule. The locations are either at their own locations or at schools. Schedules are very much known in advance so you can plan for any known events. Major holidays are off, and there are just fewer amounts of work available around the December months.
I worked as an MCAT and SAT prep instructor for The Princeton Review. As a college student, this job was great—flexible hours, engaging work, and awesome pay for a student. Teaching MCAT-prepping peers can be stressful and classes are very long (3 hours each). Management was very understanding of student teachers' requirements and thus scheduling was extremely flexible. Trainings are grueling and training pay is very low compared to teaching pay.
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Working for The Princeton Review has been a lot of fun, but more because of the people and friends I made there than the company. It consistently undervalues its teachers and tutors (which are essentially its product), while overcharging clients. It is a decent part time job if you are good at standardized tests or can learn quickly, but there is little to no room for promotions.
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