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I have been working at OSF in Indy for a little over a year. In that course of the year, I have been through 6 managers; some of them being awesome and some of them being the worst. I feel frustrated how sometimes certain people are favored and it shows in the company and the lack of communication from my managers.
They are very strict with the employees which isn't always bad. But they do it to the extent where it actually hurts your feelings. They don't care about your well being, I hurt my knee and couldn't walk yet they threatened me with termination when I couldn't come in(I had a doctors note). Their food is average at best, it is overpriced for something that you could make at home that would be cheaper and taste ten times better.
I like that working at The Old Spaghetti Factory the managers are very considerate about student school schedule. Managers are understanding when part-time servers could only work at most 3 days a week. The HotSchedule App is a great tool to contact managers. When switching shifts on HotSchedule, the managers are very quick on approving them even if it is hours before the shift begins.
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For a food service job it was pretty good. I enjoyed the people I worked with more than the actual job and made many close friends while I was there. Some of the best parts of working for this company were the guests, as well. Many would come in happy and celebrating. This company definitely works with their employees. Because they are well prepared and staff accordingly, asking for time off was not usually an issue. The biggest downside was that this is good service. So it comes with hard days and the occasional crabby guest. Overall it is a great place to work.
Employee's concerns were often ignored. The service was always disorganized, and the staff was always unhappy. The corporate side of the company was oblivious to the state of the kitchen. In the kitchen, there were people who really loved their jobs, but they were always alongside people who wanted to be anywhere else. You could tell there was a lot of tension among coworkers. There was always at least one person who was never in a good mood. Employees complained about having nightmares of being at work. Overall, this is not a place you want to work, all though they will hire just about anyone.
The staff is very welcoming to everyone including new employees and guests. They strive to make sure good hospitality is the main focus for the guests.
Great work place that you can create friends and work hard to make a good amount of money. They are very flexible with your class and life schedule, i had to go home for my mothers birthday and they were very lenient on helping me out and finding a person to cover my shift. You can pick up and release shifts when possible, and you are thought how to do your job at the best of your ability. I have been working there for a month and a half and by saving up and spending on food and etc. I can end up saving plenty of money to be somewhat stable after college, when the real world kicks in and you are left to fend for yourself.
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