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It was refreshing to work in an environment with like-minded people who are passionate about the outdoors.
There are plenty of cool bonuses that The North Face offers to sales associates that many other companies do not. For instance, there is a potential for monthly bonuses, employee of the month, and monetary compensation for outdoor activities. However, management sometime seems to suffer.
A great place to work. Flexible hours, good benefits, and fast accruing time off. Always paid above minimum wage and really good in store discounts.
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i like working for The North Face because i believe in their dedication to spread their message of Never Stop Exploring, however as a retail associate their mantra disconnects and the retail culture of milking minimum wage employees kicks in.
Here at The North Face I am a Temp. Customer Service Representative and answer the phone calls for people calling in on our customer service line. The job pays very well and is very easy to get the hang of. The staff is kind and helpful and the schedule is very flexible. One thing that is upsetting is that the company itself is some what unorganized with orders, shipment, updated photos and etc. but other than that I am grateful to work here.
While this is my first job in retail, working in The North Face is one of the top competitors in the retail industry. Therefore everyone has to stay on task and make sure were constantly meeting or exceeding our sales goals on the daily basis. Sometimes it can get out of hand during the holiday season meaning more employees are needed but once you have fresh feet they are either going to work equivalent with employees our drag the team around.
What I liked about working at The North Face was the interactions with customers, I really like meeting new people and my role as a sales representative gave me the opportunity to greet people.
Working at North Face from the moment of the interview was never a hassle. The introductory phone interview was ver y professional, while also holding a friendly manner. The experience while working o the floor especially during our busy season was amazing. Everyone worked as a team player always assisting whether the coworker was a new employee or a seasoned employee.
The North Face is an amazing company to work for. Great benefits are provide to full time employees and the hours are very flexible. You do have to sell and work hard but nothing to break your back over.
It’s a great place to work at and a wonderful brand to represent. All of the management is wonderful and really acknowledge your hard work. Also benefits are awesome.
I absolutely LOVE LUCY! Lucy has clothes that fit large, tall, short, small all while giving amazing comfort and great style. Our store really cares about our "Regulars" we have made very deep and meaningful connections with some of our frequent Lucy fans. I myself even got to internship at a news station because a woman loved the way I dressed her and treated her during out fit-sessions and my fellow co workers treated her every time she came in. We love our ladies as much as they love Lucy. I love Lucy for bringing me the most wonderful pleasure of working with the most beautiful, strong, and selfless young women this planet has to offer. I will always be grateful to the store and our amazing manager for bringing us together .I am very sad to see the brand dissolve but I will always be grateful for my all of Lucy Ladies.
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