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I really enjoyed the human contact and all of the bright smiles and improvements that I saw in my participants through the last year I've worked for NeuroRestorative (a daughter company of the MENTOR Network). I recommend it for anyone trying to get into the human services/social work/advocacy field.
My experience with this company has been average. Management needs to be improved greatly. They should demonstrate employee appreciation to encourage employees to stay committed to there jobs. Overall poor management leads to unsuccessful employees.
The Mentor Network Phoenix is not a good organization to work for. I worked in 3 of their north west valley group homes and they are under staffed and unsafe to work in. Was left on numerous different occasions by myself with 8 patients, one of which had a history of becoming aggressive, and did become aggressive with me. The only thing that stopped him was that I told him if he took another step towards me I would dial 911 and have the police come and arrest him. I have since moved on into a more reputable organization, one who values me as an employee and does not place me in danger. Also, a lot of politics with this company. It does not matter how qualified you are, or even seniority. If you make friends with those who are high up and are buddies with them, you are getting higher paid positions. Positions are underpaid, and BHT's are required to give medication to the patients under the notion that patients are "self-administering" their own medications.
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I Have been with The Mentor Network about 4 years and I loved every minute of it got too many different things.
Clients are great. Mananagement is awesome. Loving caring environment. Work is moderate but fulfilling. Schedules are very predictable. No reason to be dissatisfied.
I like working here because of the flexible hours. Being in school and working here is great, the overnight shifts are convenient. We also have the option to eat the provided food.
This company only care about money to be totally honest. I really care for the clients within this company. My overall experience it’s okay I guess.
They are great people, always making people fell at home. They will do their best to teach you until you understand the process.
This job is with Neurorestorative Michigan which is part of the Mentor Network. The clients I work with are people whom have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.
The work is fun yet challenging at times.
I love what I do. I'm a direct support professional and I work with adults with special needs everyday. I feel like I give myself to help others which in turn fills me. But I live paycheck to paycheck and I think I work much harder than what I am paid.
I like the fact that staff made sure that the consumers had a well-balanced meal 3 times per day. I would like to see an increase in pay for all workers.
I like being able to make a difference in others life and having the chance to meet others in the community and seeing what means are out there in the community for individuals
It takes a certain kind of person to work with the brain injured, at the location I was hired at there were a good amount of us at first, but quickly a lot of people either quit or were fired leaving the facility poorly staffed and as new hires were added on the people hired were not that "certain kind" of people. Great job if you have a good group of staff, but otherwise expect either double shifts or a lot of work undone due to call-offs.
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