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Management could care less about its employees, as long as the restaurant was running and kept fancy upscale image. In addition new employees are not trained well and management does not hold employees accountable, especially the owner(only cares about money, not business). Made descent money working there but only because of my own work ethics and morals, also worked there for three years but had to quite as I got fed up with maintenance and unorganized business.
This is a fun job, however, I have some issues with the company. I believe the food is way over priced for the lack of quality. The management at the store I work in is very poor. Tempers are lost very easily, managers forget to order supplies which results in us being out of stock on certain items very frequently.
My overall experience at the Melting Pot was one that I enjoyed! They expect a high level of service for all guest, paying attention to detail, and being able to work at a fast pace. They provide a very hands on training. The first day of training you receive the 4-course meal that the Melting Pot offers, and are given all of the recipes. They give servers recipes because we are the ones = preparing everything and teaching the guests. Good staff and pretty good money most days!
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What can I say, not great quality food but the guests always enjoy it and their time there. I made great tips but it was the most I have ever had to work for them... They try but you are paying for the experience not the food really. Overpriced.
I have worked at the Melting Pot for six months now. The menu and knowing the ingredience is the most difficult task of the job. The company has been very flexible working with my school schedule. Although, their is much work compared to other serving jobs; the compensation is much higher as well, being that it is high end priced. Management is very compassionate,understand and willing to work with you under any circumstance. I would strongly recommend this position for other students.
I absolutely love working for The Melting Pot. I really believe in the quality of our products and the mission and vision of the company. I have worked for two different stores and have grown in both my role as a server and a certified trainer. I have met all my closest friends through this company and I am grateful for the flexible scheduling and wonderful management team.
This is the best company I have ever worked for. They are always trying to improve our company to make it the best for its employees and guests. My managers are so appreciative and approachable and every team member goes out of their way to help each other throughout the night.
I enjoy working at the Melting Pot because of the friendly environment created by staff and patrons. Many restaurant patrons are celebrating a special event when visiting the Melting Pot, and as a hospitality specialist, I take great pride in planning their perfect night out.
Excellent Management, Proper Training, and wonderful work environment. I would recommend anyone to work at The Melting Pot. It is a fun and creative place to work that gives you essential life skills.
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