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I liked the customers and the coworkers. Management and Corporation was terrible, they could care less about their employees.
I am having a great time working at Palace Cinema as my first job. Everyone, including the managers and my co-workers, is really nice and everyone has a really good time working there.
I worked at the Marcus Corporation while attending university. It is the ideal job to for bar money and the occasional sponge. The Marcus Theater I worked for was the busiest outlet in the company and it was constantly busy and yet all the employees seemed to be in high spirit. A great job for a first time employee.
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I really enjoyed working for Marcus, good entry level position but difficult to move up. During my time there I worked in many different positions and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Not everyone can say they stayed at their first job for four years and enjoyed it too!
I love my job and what I do, I’ve made a lot of really great friends with my co-workers which is very important! I just wish they would renovate ALL of their theaters not just a select few.
It's a very simple job with customer service and general service industry. It can somtimes feel rewarding, but the people are without a doubt the best part.
I like how all the employees work together as a team, and are willing to help each other out when needed.
I enjoyed working as a host at the Zaffiros Restaurant for the Marcus Corporation. The entry level job had good pay, plus I made tips as a host.
The hours were pretty long and I often felt taken advantage of. I did enjoy the perks though. There were a lot of times that people had issues with their days requested off being ignored.
I enjoy working at this location. The management is stressed out a lot, which then effects staff. Other than that, I love the corporation!
I work as a housekeeper at the Timber Ridge Lodge, next door to the Grand Geneva Resort. My work isn't too hard. My coworkers and boss are nice. I get a 25% discount on things like meals at the restaurants and items at the gift shop. I get a free lunch. I can't say that every place run by the Marcus Corporation is wonderful, but where I am everything is great.
Marcus is a great place to work. The work environment is laid back and fun. The pay isn't the greatest but free movies helps make up for that.
I can't say this is how it is with every Marcus Corporation business. I work part time as a housekeeper at the Timber Ridge Lodge. Everyone is nice. Free lunch is provided. I get 25% off discount on things like meals and stuff from the gift shop. I especially like how you get buy one get one free movie tickets six times a year. Overall, I've had a good time here.
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