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The company is very nice and they have a lot to offer their employees. The pay is very nice for a starting or part-time job, and the coworkers are generally very friendly. The scheduling in the beginning of working might be confusing and/or frustrating, but they can easily fix it and help stop people from stressing out.
I loved the staff I worked with. The people are great. Management is a different story. They rely to heavily on their connections above them and believe they are "well-liked" so they get away with treating employees poorly. Of course, this is not the case for every manager, but the few that this applies to never get reprimanded for the behavior they show towards employees working with them. I love the benefits. Being union allows for helpful medical insurance. The way they promote is based on seniority and that just is a poor system in the long run. Location is decent. Company overall I feel just does not value employees. At all.
A nice grocery store that isn't nearly as crowded as other places. Workplaces are generally nice. The people I have worked with are very helpful and courteous. The store also has great discounts on products.
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I still work here and love it! The job is hard but not overwhelming. The teams are great and help each other out. They systems we use to do our jobs are easy to follow and useful. Only thing I would change would be better communication.
The benefits are one of the best parts of working here. The insurance is great and they match your contribution to your 401k up to 5%.
Kroger is an awesome company to work for! The flexible schedules and easy communication has relieved my employment stress throughout high school. The benefits of working here are awesome, like steady hours, simple work, and not to mention, college reimbursement programs!
I have been with Kroger for 7 years. I haven enjoyed my time there so much! My favorite thing about Kroger right now is the Our Promise Initiative. I am a Promise Team Leader. This is such a good initiative, and we have worked really hard to boost our store morale. It's been a blast! I just wish we had more money to be able to do things for our associates.
My overall experience at Kroger has been interesting and the hours have worked perfectly with my school schedule without any problems. However, the organization in each department varies drastically and the environments are different as some departments expect you to stay past your scheduled time, while others simply ask you to stay over if able to.
I love my job, and the people I work with. My boss is very supportive of my schooling and is always willing to work with my schedule. Kroger does pay less compared to the competitors in the area, but they work with my schedule every step of the way.
I've worked at Kroger for 4 years now and it has honestly been a good overall experience. The company allowed me to take leave of absence in order to attend college and come back during school scheduled breaks. The one thing I would like to see change or done differently is the company recognizing hard working employees more often.
Management's failure to plan ahead or follow through has been the main source of annoyance. The store is consistently inderstaffed and what little staff they have is over worked. As well as being constantly harassed for getting overtime when they called you in to cover someone's shift. There is little to no chance at wver being promoted or trained to be better or to move up.
I loved the coworkers and how simple it was considering it was my first job and a starter job for many others. Some of the management was not the best thought and it would be nice to see them held to higher standards.
I absolutely loved my time that I spent at the Smith's Food and Drug in my town and I would never change the year and a half I spent there for the world. I learned so many life lessons at the establishment. I would like to see the establishment I worked at in Chubbuck, Idaho be expanded into a marketplace as it is the only major grocery store on that side of town.
When I first started at Kroger in 2010 it was a great company to work for! They valued their employees they would provided great discounts and company picnics. As the company has grown over the years they have lost sight of that. The only discount they give is 10% of their brands and no more company picnics. They don't value their employees as much. The one great perk is the health benefits.
I like that the hours are flexible and it’s easy to get along with coworkers. sometimes it’s chaotic when we are understaffed, but it’s usually a good place to work
I love working for Kroger! I have learned so much from working here and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else!
I work there at Krogers for 3 years and a month I started as a Bagger then move to a rover recently and I like some parts of my job and I wish It can be much better like the pay and bonus. I like the customers and I hope my job will get better soon.
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I worked here for a summer in high school. Good first job for teens. Lots of hours standing on feet.
I am currently employed in the pharmacy at a Kroger grocery store. Personally I love working at Kroger! Kroger has had some of the best co-workers I've ever worked with. In the workplace the staff you are with everyday can make or break the environment as a whole. I have been very lucky to have been given a chance to work here with no prior pharmacy experience. In continuance with the company I'd like to see the corporation take the hard work that the pharmacy staff does (while understaffed) into consideration when making changes that they believe will be better. the constant changes and "upgrades" in their EPRN system have seemed to cause more stress than it is really worth.
I have been with Kroger for over two years. It is a great company to work for. They care about their employees. Management is diligent about getting employees feedback on what is going right on a daily basis.
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