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16767 N Perimeter Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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The work environment is lack luster. While The Joint does offer competitions to gain more money as a "bonus", their competitions are not entirely fair because they want to see which clinics can raise the most money. Making it almost impossible for low volume clinics to win or get acknowledgement.
Their standards are so high but they do not give the right attention or resources to its employees to successfully complete these tasks; and give favoritism to certain clinics and employees. But it is a steady paycheck.
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I love this place. It's very affordable for normal maintenance care. I'm always in an out very quickly. The quick visits doesn't take away from the experience or the quality of care given by the doctors. They do care about their patients and they always listen to my complaints and help me out so much. Right now I come in once a week on the wellness plan!
The people and clientele are all very friendly and encouraging. The bosses are very much accommodating, and want to do their best to ensure employees will stay with. There isn't much room to grow within positions, but the atmosphere and flexible workplace keep me with them.