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I enjoy working at Home Depot. I would want to work towards changing the integrity of the store. They care a lot about money, in a sense that they turn the other cheek when associates are suspected of cheated or lying to get credits, sales and other things related to competition. I love that they have fund raiser for company parties and the homer fund, which helps associates and stores facing hardships, however they could donate items thrown away or have fund raisers directed towards actual homeless people or other charities in need.
The diversity of workers is always great and keeps things interesting and the customers we get always keep you aware. The only real downside I keep running into is issues with management and when hours are placed for part timers.
Job was easy and fun but the higher-ups only cared about sales and the customers I got in my section were either irate or painfully uneducated
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I have worked at Home Depot for 1.3 years. I am a teenager and love working there. The staff is so helpful and eager to help me learn and advance. I love meeting customers and helping with their purchases. Home Depot is great about rewarding good service and work ethic.
One good point about the home depot is that hard work was definitely acknowledged. I started on the lot and moved inside within my first six months. Everyone that worked there was very friendly and happy to welcome me. I would like to see some of the less hardworking employees addressed and dealt with.
It was really fun and I learned so much! I just wish the scheduling was more flexible. Overall I think it was a great place to work.
Let me explain. Overall the company was good, from the part time people actually getting vacation and sick time, to even the somewhat health insurance that was offered. It was good, up until a management shift. That's where it started, where suddenly new rules were made that freight wasn't aware of. To where I was written up multiple time for things I couldn't control. To where favoritism was showed and I wasn't offered a full time job even if one of the big managers did say that I was, when we weren't. It was all bull crap. To where I could've very well been hurt, if not severely injured on the job thanks to crappy packing on the truck and the manager just laughed and walked away. The job isn't worth the stress.
Home Depot is a challenging place to work. The hours can be long, the workload is often immense. The compensation for a company this size can surely be better which would help acquire and retain quality associates. This seems to be the company's biggest issue. The brands, value, and culture are all there. What they lack are the people to keep driving this company to accomplish it's supposed corporate goal. If they want to be the #1 Customer Service retailer in the world, they should be prepared to pay for it.
I like the consistency with the store in which most stores dont vary with set up. the employees are typically always scarce but upon being found, willing to help. they do offer classes for those willing to attend and also host a kids event periodically. I wish they had more cashiers instead of U scans but that everywhere, no just the depot. I was shocked to see, recently when inquiring on renting a tiller, the deposit and cost equaled a considerable amount more that the worth of the machine. dont make no sense
At the Home Depot that I work at, the store manager, while seemingly nice at first, comes across very fake after a while. Managers have gone around and told us in summer that we need to stop getting hurt because they've already hit their quota for the year; Any more and they'd be fined. To this end, the store manager has asked (very) injured employees to not seek medical treatment for their injuries. The turnover rate is absolutely ridiculous. The pay and raises are insulting considering the high risk for injuries. Environment is a bit sexist & women who report sexual harassment are just told "that's the world we live in. You just gotta buck up and take it if you want to work in the world." They do have good tuition reimbursement though for college students.
I was able to pay off my college tuition working for The Home Depot. I was a retired Master Election when I started for The Home Depot. Strangely enough, I ended up in the Tool Rental department. For me that was a steep learning curve. I like most of the people I work with, especially my boss. She has been there for 16 years and knows how to run a department. the Home depot wants every to be flexible. Some of the people I work with also work in other departments. I am not interested in working full time, so I am going to stay in the tool rental department.
I Liked the experience of meeting new people and hearing their plans and Ideas with the home improvements and renovations. The one thing that I would like to change is I wish the pay would be a lot better.
I would like to see more homer awards given out for solid hard work, instead of managers pushing associates past their limits
Working for the company isn’t bad. Benefits are good but trying to move up in the business is almost impossible.
As a freight associate, I enjoyed getting to see how a company such as The Home Depot operates. However, I will say that each store has a different atmosphere. All in all, my experience was not all that great, but not all that bad either. Management tended to take things too seriously, particularly scheduling.
Managers are very respectful and understanding. They work to find a good fit for each employee. I am able to make requests to my schedule but the hours switch from day to day so it’s hard to plan ahead when you don’t know more than 2 weeks ahead of time and you can open or close on any given day. My co workers are generally nice and people work together. I have been there for some time though as a seasonal employee and no raises have been awarded for several years.
Good people, bad management.

I've been a service desk associate for four years now, and it has progressively gotten worse. Our managers don't abide by the store policies, and they gave me two occurrences because I was going to specialists every other day because my doctor was concerned I had cancer (it's not, but its not a good diagnosis either, to be honest :/ ). They don't care about me, even though I work really hard. I am trained for multiple departments, and I LIVE for helping my customers. It is just so hard to keep your head above the water when management just doesn't give a poo about you.

Can't rate the benefits, as I get my health insurance through my parents.
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Great place to work, if you are willing to work. That means willing to do what it takes to earn money. The managers depending on location can be awesome and very understanding which is part of the culture taking care of each other. This company loves it's veterans and the community big focus on the community and community events to create awareness. Con's pay isn't the best but isn't horrible either can be on par or higher than other retailers.
Depending on what position you are out in it will either be the best or just okay. The other employees and frequent customers are what make this job very nice to see how you can help them throughout their projects and give some recommendations to help them. Benefits are not so hot.
The Home Depot is a good company to work for. Many benefits and perks and flexible hours. Helpful coworkers. There are various areas to choose from to work in and you can obtain a lot of knowledge that you can carry on for future use. You will also obtain skills to operate heavy machinery such as a reach truck or forklift.
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