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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Reviews

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The company has the potential to become better but the company always is understaffed no matter which store you go to and they tend to work their workers to the ground. The change I would want to see is better treatment of their technicians.
The company has excellent benefits and pay. It lacks life balance and trust. There is a need to always prove to someone that you are competent, especially if you're a minority or hourly employee. The push for knowledge and safety is not there for front line management and understanding from middle managers. Feeling safety and providing a quality product should come first to everyone; however, that is not felt by floor employee nor demonstrated by any part of management, from the top( facility director) down(frontline supervisors).
As I have said, benefits are excellent; thus, the reason many come as well as why they stay, meaning myself for 21 years. We all have someone to take care of, yet we hope that we survive the shifts to do so.
It's a great place to put your foot in the door to learn about automotive, they will teach you what you need to know and will be flexible with your school schedule.
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Good STEM oriented job. They make a huge effort to include minority associates and the pay is good.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is an excellent employer with a great opportunities for advancement. They offer excellent health insurance, paid time off, and full service medical & vision clinic and pharmacy onsite. Along with those amenities, they are family oriented and hosts various family picnics, Halloween and Christmas carnivals and health fairs for employees and their families to participate. Also, they are stewards of the community and support various non profit organizations such as United Way of Lawton and the Oklahoma Blood Institute.
I'm actually an InnoSource contractor here at Goodyear so I don't get any benefits, no raises, no school program, no share plan. I would've spoke about them but they were not listed. Goodyear is a good place to work, if you don't want a challenge or better pay.
My experience at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was a very rewarding one. As a young woman, it was hard fitting myself into a world that was full of men, mainly; however, I dug, and dug and got down and deep, dirty, just as well and efficiently as they did (the men). I let them know very and physically that just because I was a tall, thin woman that I could do anything and everything that they did and could do. And I did. I drove the forklift, lifted crude rubber and mounted it on a conveyor belt to be cut and trimmed by me, for a specific weight and specification for a certain type of rubber for tires, for NASCAR company and the DOD system. I also, cured carcass in a mass, in a press for it to cook to a specific cure temperature and then trim the excess rubber from it before it had left the press and then packed and shipped it on a pallet for customers, i.e., John Deere tractor, Case and New Holland. It was and is, unforgettable.
It's a good company to star getting hands on automotive field. Worth the time for experience. Its a good decision to be working here while attending attending school and working because your gaining experience while attending school. It was also good because managers help you be really flexible while attending school and work at same time. Manager also encourage students to learn more to gain what's needed to get pay at a level where attending school and working knowledge makes you solve more automotive problems. Once enough experience is gain managers see the encourage of students like me that are ready to go to a higher level of students careers and I believe that's when students open their own doors for successful stories as a mechanic.
Overall, a pretty good work environment. Lots of work and potential to make money. Also they provide health care.
It's a good job and pays well. You just need a lot of patience. Management is not what you would expect in a company that size but the coworkers are awesome.
Goodyear is a great company to work for. The industry is an ever-changing market that can dictate the work of the plants. The benefits are above average and the compensation is excellent for my area.
Great company to work for. Its a good steady company but it is difficult to actually move up when the managers hire their friends before they will hire who is qualified for the position.
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