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I enjoyed working here, the parents were very nice and the kids were so sweet. Workers gossiped a lot though.
The company culture is poor. All decisions about the school are made based on money, not about what is best for employees, parents, or children.
I loved it here! Great people and employees. The parents love the workers. Lives up to the Goddard name. Good curriculum with the proper steps for safety.
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I LOVE working at the Goddard School. It has not only challenged me to become a better person, but taught me the importance of children, caring for someone else, and what it means to have good coworkers. At the end of the day, I can go home feeling accomplished and ready to refresh and start the next morning.
I am an assistant teacher at The Goddard School in Buford, Ga. I am very proud to work with a team that is qualified, dedicated, and loving. They excel in all they do and provide the best care for the children there. they provide they security that a student is safe and in good hands. We take pictures through the day as we capture the child learning and growing into an amazing human being. We go the extra mile to ensure that the children are having "light bulb moments" and we delight in taking part in molding the young minds. The partnership with the families is rewarding and refreshing, as we experience life together and share valuable teaching moments. I recommend parents and staff to abide in a school that cares as much as we do.
The Goddard School provided me with the support, structure, discipline and the space to continuously grow as an educator. I have truly appreciated the support I've gotten from management after voicing my concerns in regards to the school, overall care of the children and work culture. In my numerous years at The Goddard School, I have learned invaluable lessons from my colleagues, students and families.
This school is very friendly and encouraging environment for children and their families. The staff is welcoming and very well experienced in what they do. Great group of women working there.
The Goddard School name carries a prestigious reputation. The Riverfront location in Wilmington has recently been purchased and is under new management. The new management has a good amount of faults but they are trying to correct them. Hopefully the problems turn out to simply be growing pains.
I love the Goddard School. I started working here in April for 2018 and I could not be happier. They really go out of their way to take care of all of us.
The Goddard School is extremely accommodating to students and let's me enjoy time with children. I have gained valuable teaching skills while working for The Goddard School.
I have really enjoyed working for this company. They really put our needs before theirs and are really friendly. This is the first company I have worked for that I have actually enjoyed coming to work and cares about how their employees feel and their needs.
I really enjoy working at the Goddard School, the staff are friendly. I get along with everybody there. It can get a bit stressful at times due to people calling out and not having enough flex teachers to cover. The work environment is happy and inviting. You are always on the go since you are working with children, but its fun!
The Goddard School is one of the best Preschool Faculties that a parent can ask for. They offer a programs for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. The staff welcomes you with open arms and goes above and beyond expectations for making you and your family welcome. The teachers create a classroom filled with expectational lessons geared to learning and developing Developmental Appropriate Practices.
This job by far has been the best when it comes to going to school and work, they are very flexible compared to other early childhood education centers.
I have been with them for over a year now. They have always worked with my class schedule as well as me being a single parent. The owner and director truly care about their staff and clients.
Overall this is a very good school. Parents will like the office staff and the teachers. There could be a little more social emotional practices and education in place. The number of children in each classroom is an appropriate number with the exception of the older classrooms. Though the school does adhere by all state rules and ratios, there are still too many children in the older classrooms. If one is interested in employment here, I would not apply unless you need full time. It seems as though part time positions are being phased out. In addition, a good majority of the staff has a degree of some kind and plenty of training. The teachers in this school really go above and beyond.
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