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The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Reviews

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The job can be stressful and extensive. But the discount and sweets are a plus! Free chocolate tasting, and your co workers are usually pretty cool! It's a great place to start out working if you have no type of experiences.
The work itself is not at all difficult and the work environment is really fun. It’s fast paced and the people are great for the most part. Management is getting better with caring about its workers after a bunch of people left due to lack of growth within the company. There are also changes in appliances and equipment after most of them almost completely shut down due to long time use. I truly believe the company is improving after a bit of a rut, and I am grateful to be a part of this improvement.
I love working here. It's fantastic going home smelling like chocolate every night. I just wish that they paid a little more in ways of a decent San Francisco living wage.
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Working for ghirardelli is a great time. I just wish they didnt freak out when someone asked for a holiday off to spend some time with families.
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