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Working here use to be fun now it’s like hell and the morale is dangerously low. I advise anyone who wants to work here to only work here if you’re desperate. Believe me it is not worth it.
Fine for your first job, but not ideal for an extended period of time. Managers do not really care about you, constantly cutting hours and then complaining about not having enough people. Run poorly. They say there is opportunity for growth and that they promote from within, but everyone hired for management positions is hired from elsewhere.
I appreciate the emphasis on customer service in the business. However, I would like to see better quality in management regarding inventory. In addition, the payment system with the Fresh Market is very disorganized regarding discounts of meal deals that do not go through when all of the items are scanned in the cash register. There are times were specials, for examples the "Little Big Meal," are not taking the discount off of the system when the customer's groceries are scanned. This can create dissonance and frustration between the company and the guest.
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Fast paced when busy (ex. holidays, weekends). Hours are flexible. Environment, customers, employees, and managers are friendly. Clean and organized work space. Overall good experience, would definitely recommend.
For a part time job as a college student, this job has been satisfactory! I have worked in two different locations and each time I have had very different experiences. I have noticed that management changes quite frequently (especially store managers) and this makes the dynamic in the store change quite often. I have enjoyed my experience with this company; however, I do not know that I would enjoy it as much if I were working full time.
I worked there for 4 years, st as rated as a cashier and got promoted in less than a year. There is a high turnover rate at the store, so I saw lots of management changes in my time there. Many issues seemed to resurface under new management, and it was difficult for them to tackle the problem. Lots of issues with horrid customers that treated staff terribly and were still allowed in the store. As a cashier anything and everything could be returned, which lead to a lot of returns, we were not allowed to question them, even when we knew the return shouldnt be accepted. On a positive note, it was great to have a schedule that fit with my classes. Each department was a small team that for the most part supported one another, but there was a lot of grey area and miscommunication on policing within the departments and was often time left to the store managers to deal with.
It is a great place to work. You have many opportunities to grow within the company. It can become overwhelming at times, but there is always something new to learn.
I love the pay here. It’s good compared to the amount of work done. I would like to see better structured management.
I have had nothing, but an amazing experience while working as a cashier at The Fresh Market. The atmosphere is authentic, personable, warm, friendly, and allows me the chance to get to know my coworkers and customers. I would not change anything, it’s one of the best jobs I have had while working while attending college.
Great team at the Sarasota store! Love the store policies and training. Very happy to work with everyone
I love the customer service provided by the employee's. They are always nice and helpful when I am shopping. I also like how the management team assures all of your shopping needs are met before checking out. Always a wonderful experience. One thing I think I would like to see change is more of a sampling experience other than on the weekend days.
I was very appreciative of my hiring at TFM. I was able to work in a college atmosphere and interact with polite young people. I am a health guru and vegetarian so I shopped there graciously using my 20% discount. I am a natural and organic being so I enjoyed my occupation. I learned a lot about food growth and the make up of its contents. I felt underpaid and never was given a raise.
I love working at the fresh market because the environment is so welcoming. The staff are very great and understanding to every situation. They go out of there way to make every customer satisfied. The only thing I would like to see change in is them having more organic items for their customers.
Encouraging environment where management takes the time to ge to know its employees and are understanding of scheduling needs, friendly colleagues who are willing to work with each other. Overall positive experience, and would recommend this workplace.
This is not the worst job. Working for The Fresh Market has been fun, to say the most. I enjoy it as an "in between jobs" job. The company does not give much attention to employee recognition, they pay the bare minimum unless you are hired in as management or know someone, they don't worry about legal repercussions when bending policies and procedures, and they worry more about how they appear to care for the customer, than actually satisfying the customer. With all of that being said, I have encountered all of these negatives in other work places, and they have all been fun jobs. So they are, in a way, positives. Usually when corporate starts laying down the hammer, thats when people stop having a good time at work, and begin hating their jobs. That's when working at a grocery store as an 'in between job' becomes a problem you take home with you that haunts you at night until you finally quit because your job is interfering with your personal life. The Fresh Market ain't so bad.
I have gone from part time to a department head, a certified trainer, and a key holder. I enjoy working with my coworkers and we have a close bond. Training is a serious flaw with this company. They hire in department heads and assistant store managers and have current employees and department head train them regardless of those departments’ flaws and weaknesses, then provide no further development. Rather than develop and promote from within they have preferred those outside hires. There are many hourly employees that coast through with call outs and poor performance because HR tosses out write ups anytime an employee is set to be terminated for those write ups. Which in turn leaves many store managers not using them because they know that when the day comes, the documentation doesn't matter. After a lot of shake-ups in upper management, I feel as though they finally have the right people at the top to make the changes happen.
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