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Just like any other retail job, you’re valued by your productivity and not rewarded when you give your all. I was at TCS for 6 years, and I only gained maybe a $1.50 in hourly pay. A starting pay at $12/hr 10 years ago was pretty exciting. Plus they offered some benefits for part timers. However, they were not very good and how to use them was not very clear. Full timers get great benefits and pay, but you need a Bachelor’s degree to be considered. Just like other retail jobs I’ve had, they expect their part time employees to have open availability and live for the company without paying us our worth, then getting mad when we have 1, 2, or 3 other jobs just to make ends meet. Or if we are in school and need time to do our schoolwork.
I love that we have a familial culture, and I've been with the company for 8 years. In that 8 years, things have changed, like going public. I wish we didn't do that.
Great team who provides great support and clear communication. There is always an opportunity to grow, since you may learn different skills from your training supervisor and coworkers.
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They are very kind and considerate of everyone that steps through the door. It really feels like a family at this company,
This is the first employer that I've ever worked for that actually makes you feel like part of the team. There's always a plan in place to get the job done right and efficiently. They don't just sell organization, they live it.
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