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I work specifically for Eurest under The Compass Group. The company is great. Constantly encouraging their employers for in-house promotions and trying new marketing and recipes; always looking to keep things exciting. Lots of locations for employers to chose and lots of opportunity for growth.
The compass groups is a great company to work for. They offer career growth within the company so it's always room for advancement.
Pay is alright, no benefits though. It’s just an on campus job, but it is very convenient being so close to my dorm. The supervisors are all very nice, and most of the other employees.
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An international company with many opportunities in the catering area.
The area including the luxury restaurant, cook education and school cafeteria.
When you get the opportunity to work for Compass Group, there will have others opportunity for you to work in different location or countries.
Good working environment. The managers are really considerate and understanding. Also, the environment is very clean and organized. Again, the good prepared are really nice and tasty, with a lot of creativity put into it. Well, for change, I would like increase in minimum wage.
The Compass Group pays great attention to detail in managing healthcare systems and biomedical equipment to ensure that patients are receiving the best and most efficient healthcare available in New York City.
Compass Group is a mother company that is an umbrella for over 30 food Service companys. The employee benefits are awesome and plentiful. They offer an employee benefits hub offering a wide range of discounts. The company has flexible hours where anybody can find the right position for them selves. Also the potential for a raise is renewed annually!
My first position with Compass after my ten plus years in retail. I am a Hospitality Supervisor and feel like my work is fulfilling by working with the best in the industry, along with the challenges at one of the world biggest arboretums, Longwood Gardens. Compass Group and Restaurant Associates are a combination of Hospitality and Food Service brands that work with big accounts like Longwood Gardens, Google or The Met.
I love that I am able to work on campus as a student and work in every food and beverage station throughout the campus. I am able to help out anywhere I am able to depending on even the location closest to my class.
I love this Company. So many opportunities to grow!! I have been with the company for 5 years now. I started as a waitress and I am now a Chef Manager. I manage the food service operation for a shelter. I think that they pay a fair wage for what they require of their employees.
I like the organization and inclusiveness of the company. A person has the ability to move anywhere within the country and Compass Group has a subsidiary nearby. They will do what ever they can to help a person continue with their employment.
Low pay, definitely not a living wage. A disgruntled co-worker made me feel unsafe after threatening me and management did nothing about it. Little room for change, a corporate structure. They do some things better than others. Definitely better ethics and quality than a fast food job, but that's not saying much! Overall, for a larger company, I'd like to see better wage increases over time for employees that stay on. Not nickel and dime-ing hard-working employees that have been there a while and shouldn't have to work overtime or a second job every week to make ends meet.
It has been fun working with compass group. Being a college student, my job is very flexible and I am able to balance my school work and job very well. The most amazing thing is how the management gives priority to school activities as well. I enjoy working here and I will definitely recommend to other college students.
Like my job just wish communication was better with upper management.
definitely better then previous experiences in corporate.
This could be a great place to work we have great employs what 1 of the main things that's not great at this company fairness terrible pay wages opportunity to advance and move further I think a Union Artemis ation would have been a great start for this company
I work as a Patient Transporter in a hospital, it's not bad me and my team mates just take patients to their destination with in the hospital like going to test sites, or going from an ER room to a in patient room, or when they get discharged we take them to their ride.
I've heard that Compass Group as a whole finds it important to promote within. However, in my case they mostly hired people from the outside to fill vacant managerial positions.
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This is a great place to work. You are allowed the opportunity to move up with in 6 months. I only been working there for like a month now and i love it.
Great company to work for and great benefits. Enjoyed interacting with the employees on a daily basis. Hardest part of the job is when someone calls out due to being on a skeleton crew most of the time.
Challenging at times since this location was bought out from a previous company and a lot of the systems were not set up or changed over, It makes the financial aspect challenging not having the tools required at times.
I enjoy the work atmosphere. The pay is pretty good for where I live. Nice company to work for. Manager is very helpful and willing to work with our daily life. Will fix or change schedule to accommodate us. I even got a birthday/thank you card from the vice-president of the company and I had only been working there a month. Friendly staff. Ability to advance in the company. There are benefits and vacation for full time employees. Ability to work fulltime if that is your desire.
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