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Working for coffee bean has been an excellent experience. I have grown tremendously and look forward to more time in the company
I liked the environment and work vibe. Customers are loyal and friendly. There is not really much to work up to unless you would like to be a site manager. Employees usually get a discount on products and a free drink on shift, before, and after. The customers are usually loyal customers due to Starbucks being a big chain. I enjoy that Coffee Bean uses powders instead of syrups because the drinks taste 100% better. The ice cubes there are also a huge plus and is what keeps some customers coming back.
I recently just started working at this company. It has been an amazing experience so far. My co-workers are all very nice, supportive, and easy to get along with. The customers are relatively friendly and we tend to get a lot of regulars. The place is super clean and safe, we have many security around the area. Overall, I love working at this company and it has definitely been a fun experience.
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Working at Coffee Bean was an incredible experience. My coworkers were amazing and the culture at our store was relaxed. I really enjoyed how much The Coffee Bean cares about educating it's employees on the product. We would often watch videos (paid, during work) that were fun and informational. I think that this is a fantastic job to have while in high school or college. It was flexible, low-key, and fun. They used the Dayforce app to make trading shifts easy, so the schedule was extremely flexible.
higher pay is all..otherwise it is perfect. love working with friends, and it is a family friendly centered... I will miss working here when I go to college
I like the job itself, I enjoy making coffee and speaking to people. It has challenged me to learn something new which I have learned I very much enjoy.
I love the training and how in depth it is. I love the customers. Also upper level management are incredibly kind.
Great day-to-day environment, especially on a social level. However, management is inconsistent and often incompetent. I enjoyed the store I worked at, but upper management seemed to be prejudice and unfair.
I love working at Coffee Bean. My coworkers are great, the job is fun and there is a lot of opportunity to move up through the company. Hours are flexible, nothing is unbearable or daunting to do. Management can sometimes be a little bit unprofessional and employees who should have action taken against them for not performing the job duties correctly do not get the corrective action necessary.
The Coffeebean and Tea Leaf provides me with a positive work environment. Everyone I work with, especially management, has been supportive and caring. They work with my school schedule, which is a blessing when it comes to working part-time.
My experience here has been great! I have amazingly hardworking coworkers that always have my back. It's a company that I am very proud to be working for in my honest opinion.
I really enjoy working at CB&TL. It’s a great environment with the staff and customers. The process of learning is really easy, and its a great place to build a broader network.
You get to meet amazing people and make connections. I have built a who'll network of people who are rooting for me in my future career goals. Unfortunately, they don't give out raises.
The work environment is fast but still very fun! I enjoy all my teammates and I enjoy helping guests with products. Unfortunately I feel that the breaks are too short, so a 15 minute break on a short shift would be helpful.
I enjoyed getting to know the regulars, quality coffee, only 5-6 hour shifts, and the fast pace work made time fly.
I love the flexibility that comes with working at a coffee shop because you can work around your school schedule. You also get discounts on drinks which is great if you love drinking coffee or tea. Helps improve multitasking skills.
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