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Been working there for almost 3 years now. That says a lot about the work environment and management. I like the people I work with and we have grown together. The managers push me to be my best. Teaching me new things everyday on how to work more effectively. Also I have learned to be the best in every task given. All thanks to the amazing team I work with.
This is a great part time minimum wage job. The tasks assigned each are simple and with such a small store, coworkers start to feel like family. The employee 30% discount is just the icing on the cake.
The Children's Place is an excellent place to work. Our co-workers are wonderful and the environment is healthy.
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I have worked for this company for 6 years. While I am grateful to them for being my very first employer, I can't turn a blind eye to the unfair practices this company is guilty of. They expect a lot to be done with very little pay, this is equally true for associates and managers. They expect employees to work for only 2 hours sometimes which is completely appalling, as mentioned before the pay is very little and to drive or commute all the way to work for only 2 hours is absurd. They don't keep their managers in check, good ones eventually leave the company and horrid ones stay, getting away with everything they do even if it's against "company policy."
The experience in working there was amazing I was able to learn a lot coming from The Children’s Place and I would definitely recommend if anyone wants a first job this is the place to go
I would like if their was more registers being used at the store. Also, there should be more space in the store overall. I believe they should expand their store.
I've worked only in retail for the past four years of my working life. before coming to work for this company I was working at another child clothing store for about three years, which I've only received a promotion ONCE and it wasn't as a manager position at all. I found it really difficult to move up with that company, but this company? Amazing. Just within my first week, I've received amazing feedback and appreciation of my work, although I have to work on getting customers to sign up for our rewards as well as credit card for the store, I've gotten everything else down. I've been offered to get an acting manager/sales leadership position, not even a month into working there. It may not be permanent but it sure is an experience that can be put down on my resume for future positions.
The environment and coworkers made working here worth while, however pay is pretty low. I have made purchases here and love the order online pick up in store option, but it sucks when the store does not have items available at the time of your order pick. I love that when you order online, shipping is always free so you only have to pay the cost of the items and tax. I liked working here but it did not benefit me career wise. I just needed some form of a job at the moment and they gave me a chance! Overall i have enjoyed my experience, just wish the company paid its workers a higher pay. They make a lot of money but are pretty stingy when it comes to sharing the wealth with its employees.
Very organized and you always have something to do! Small amount of workers that actually care about what they're doing. Everyone is very knowledgeable on the system.
I think that the company could improve on their pay rates. There is a very large work load and high stress level that I don't feel is well compensated.
I've been working here since I was in college. I started as an associate and now I'm management. My team is great and I like working here, though things such as pay and payroll hours could be improved. However, working in a retail store doesn't change from company to company by much and the important thing is the team you work with. My team is like family and that makes all the difference.
Excellent customer service. Employees treat one another with respect and kindness. Flexible hours. Great work environment for someone who enjoys making kids smile!
I really enjoy the people that I work with. Work is fun most of the time. I work as a part-time manager and make $2 above minimum wage. There is a lot of turnover so it is easy to get promoted. They have a super strict return policy and customers get upset often.
Great environment and people. Just need better hours for sales associates. Great for people who don't have much free time to work. Better for college students or just needing another job for a couple hours a week.
I absolutely adore my co-workers! We all get along and work well together. Everyone is super kind, funny and hard working. The atmosphere is so appreciative I plan on working here for a good while.
I like that the people you work with become a great team together. I would like to see communication from the corporate level down to sales position become more clearer.
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