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The Cheesecake Factory offers a great opportunity to make consistent money as a server. Business is consistent and it is easy (compared to a lot of restaurants) to predict how much money you will make on a given day. There have been many changes is management during my time with the company, which has presented struggles. The management team could stand to be a more united front. I believe the restaurant workers deserve to have access to a fridge or cooler to store snacks/meals during their shifts and a break room to sit and rest/eat.
i love working at the cheesecake factory. the management works hard to make sure the restaurant runs properly and that the guests are satisfied. the staff is very easy to get along with and i have a lot of fun while i work as well as get my job done and make good money.
Great restaurant to work at and make consistent good money. Some miscommunication among management, but it's still a newer location. Lots of opportunities to move up and be more involved. Great benefits are available. They allow me a very flexible schedule, allowing me to swap shifts easily if need be, and to work around school. Mall location brings constant business. As long as you do your job well and are reliable, you will have a stable job. The workplace gives a form of family vibes among co-workers
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A great, stable job for those that have flexible schedules. Would like to see management that cared more about the employees and the employees personal goals outside of the restaurant.
I've worked for the company for 8 years. I love the work environment and flexibility. Every day is different and it's very fast paced, so you're never bored.
I worked at the Beverly Hills Location. Sometimes it was good other times it sucked. I made good friends there, but the customers are really picky. I moved up quickly and if you want to work they let you. The health insurance was good!
I have been working at The Cheesecake Factory for a year and it has been one of the best jobs I've had throughout my college years. It has helped me financially and ill be moving up soon to become a server. They make sure that the people who work hard get compensated for their work.
Fun environment. Sometimes overbearingly nice coworkers. For someone who is social and can handle fast paced food and entertaining management. Sometimes it felt like enough wasn't enough. Almost there was no pleasing management at times. Training is good and easy to retain, if your trainer likes you. It feels like a social ladder at times you have to make good impressions on everyone and it's almost competitive how hard someone it's working.
good company. would like to see gratuity come back and maybe more thorough training for the front of the house staff. a lot of them get on the floor and they don't know what is going on and end up getting frustrated and leaving shortly thereafter. overall this is the best restaurant company I have ever worked for as they provide health benefits, paid time off, as well as a flexible schedule which is important to someone who is trying to get through school.
I loved being a server at the Cheesecake Factory. I met a lot of great people because this company’s brand is so versatile.
I have only worked at The Cheesecake Factory for about one month. However, it didn't take me very long to feel as though I fit in. Everyone is very nice, and the managers actually care about you and your opinion. I felt as though I was greeted with open arms, and I am very glad I chose to work here.
Great place to work. Management encourages advancements and provides training if you are eager to move up in the company.
I work in the bakery, I love all the bakery workers but the servers and managers are rude and make people no want to work there. Plus for all the work the bakers do they deserve to get paid more
My experience at The Cheesecake Factory is overall positive. The people are truly one of the greatest things about the company, you have a real sense of family with them. The benefits are incredible for that defeats any other restuarant business ive ever worked for. They offer free online schooling for G.E.D, AA, OR AB. It's hard to say what I'd change, Cheesecake Factory has done so much good for me and molded me into such a hard worker.
Everything is very organized and well run. The management is positive, efficient and effective. The food is another great plus as well.
I experienced a place that allowed me to go to college and pay my bills, helped when I needed help. I had to leave for awhile based my physical body after a fall. They worked with me gave me light duty, I put in my two weeks notice, then months later needed to come back and was able to. They have an amazing culture there and helped me grow as a person and professional.
I enjoy working here. The people definitely are the heart of this company, and I have met so many amazing people and they have made me feel like family. Also, the managers are great, although they could improve their managerial communication.
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I honestly really love the Cheesecake Factory; the food, the atmosphere, the people I work with and the people that come in to enjoy their meals. The only thing I’d like to change is the plastic waste.
Been working there for two years and I love it. Of course it comes with the typical issues of working in a restaurant but that is directed toward the guest. It’s a very flexible company and great for those who might move. It’s a easy company to transfer with
I've worked at The Cheesecake Factory for over 5 years. It's been relatively easy for me to work here and go to school, but recently it's been very hard to live and go to school on the little money made at this restaurant.
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