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The morale is amazing here! We are a MAGNET hospital three years in a row! The benefits and compensation are top notch! Love working for Carle!
Worked in E.R. x 1 year as travel nurse. Superb personnel, excellent teamwork, great training for new nurses, every supportive environment. Did not expect more from me than a traveler can handle and allowed me to do more with each contract renewal. Very awesome hospital, good policies, provided excellent patient care.
It is a great place to work with very good benefits. I have been here 9 years and enjoy the work I do.
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Carle is a great place to work. They are very up to date with their technology and patient focused. They take the time to understand what our patient needs are and focus on making their experience the best possible. I also feel like they listen to their employees and provide fair feedback.
I was a student volunteer/worker, working in contracts. It was so boring because they didn't even tell me to do anything, so half the time I would have to sit at the computer. Plus, lots of people treated me as if I was incompetent, even though I could handle the workload just fine.
I work in the oncology department and the nurses and other techs are top notch. Every patient is treated with the same respect no matter what. These patients become like family to use and many times we get thank you notes for great treatment for their loved ones. We all work together and communicate to make sure the patient is getting the best care and their needs are meet. While on our floor they become family.
I like the openness here at Carle. everyone here is open with the communication and I feel like I'm always aware of what is going on.
Worked here while I was in undergrad. I worked the PRN position so It was extremely flexible with my schedule. I enjoyed the experiences at the hospital, but maybe not so much my specific job.
The benefits are very competitive. My current department is a great place to work. Some departments are not as healthy of an environment.
Overal the benefits given to employees is well rounded and good for staff. Changes in communication among departments would benifit so everyone is on the same page.
Carle is a great place to work for. Carle is working for the best and most advanced technology in superior patient care. Carle has received many awards, and accreditations. Carle makes the workplace enjoyable as well by offering it's employees many incentives.
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