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About The Arc of Ventura County...
5103 Walker Street
Ventura, CA 93003

About The Arc of Ventura County

Social Services
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The Arc of Ventura County Reviews

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The Arc is a inclusive company that provides supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to develop the skills for a life of inclusion in the community. We offer skills such as money management, social skills, healthy lifestyles, hygiene, independent living skills, work skills, just to name a few. The Arc is person centered in their practices and treats their participants with love, respect and the optimum care. We have regular training for staff to provide the ultimate care for the people we support. We have high standards for staff to ensure the participants needs are met and they enjoy what they are doing, they choose what they do throughout the day, and they assisted in reaching their goals. It is a wonderful place to work, offering a place of love and compassion, as well as offering a meaningful experience for those we support. The staff enjoy working there and the participants enjoy coming to program. It is all around a beautiful company.
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While the people served are incredible and make each of the employees better on a daily basis, the upper management lacks knowleged and skills. Many of the employees are underpaid, overworked, and rarely recognized from the uppermanagement team. The staff work hard every day to make the people served feel equal, safe, healthy, and happy.
I love the way everyone works together. As a team we inspire eachother and help the people whom we support daily to take steps into reaching their goals.