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Texas Roadhouse has been a really great opportunity for myself. It has helped me come out of my shell and really concentrate on my social skills, which has in turn helped me really love the job. I have found myself actually WANTING to work to be with my friends and talk to all the interesting guests that come in! They also take care of their employees and I am glad I have this job while I am in school. They are awesome with helping with scheduling so you may get a career AND go to school. It has really helped with getting motivated to go back to school!
A fun place to work where we preach teamwork and cleanliness. A family environment filled with love and a little drama. We appreciate our guest and try to every experience as good as the first!
I have only been working here for 3 months and I have loved it since I started. You get rewarded based on how well you do your job plus the amount of time you've worked there. Also, Andy's Outreach is a great reason to donate a portion of your weekly paycheck in order to help other employees from around the country in a crisis.
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A very easy host job, coworkers are very nice and friendly, see a lot of interesting customers. Can be a little boring at times though.
I've been with texas roadhouse for almost 4 years and its my favorite company i have worked for. The culture is awesome and we are just like one big family.
Texas Roadhouse is an amazing place to work. A paycheck every week, great co-workers, a wonderful atmosphere to work in.
I like how you can be flexible with hours. Bringing home tips every night is great however not receiving a paycheck is not. The people I work with are incredibly nice and are willing to help you out when you get behind.
Texas Roadhouse is a great company to work for. I received extensive training after being hired for my position. We went through five days of hands on training and computer modules. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we have daily shift meetings that are fun and informative. Our company includes a optional month pay in to what they call "Andy's Outreach." When an employee is experiencing hard times, they may call on Andy's Outreach for help. Overall, Texas Roadhouse is a fun and spirited work environment. I've never worked in a restaurant quite like it.
The nice thing about Texas Roadhouse and really any serving position is the pay and experience is directly correlated to your attitude and amount of work put in. I enjoyed my experience at Texas Roadhouse especially the relationship between coworkers. Sure there were some clashing personalities, but overall everyone was very helpful and even made an effort to see and do things with each other outside of work hours. I would recommend this job to people who are looking for an entry into the serving business as it is a good culture, decent money, and pretty straight forward for beginning servers.
I love it but there are some factors I would change like the hours because some days it says I’m only a morning but I’m there allllll day
I wasn't a big fan of working at the location that I worked at. The manager had favorites and wasn't willing to work with my schedule. The manager did not keep his promises. It was a tough time.
I love working at Texas roadhouse I am a college student and they are very flexible with my school schedule and I make enough money to pay my bills and have money left over. The only thing that really needs to change is how my location is run it needs to be more consistent and more accurate.
Overall great atmosphere just not a career I would pursue long term. The management is great for the most part. You feel as though they have a concern for your well being. The staff is friendly, not much drama.
Nothing! I enjoy my job, my managers and the flexibility to work while going to college! It's been a great place for me to work.
Amazing work family. Very flexible schedule, promotion from within, and wonderful work environment. I love being at work, I always have fun and make very good money.
Working at Texas Roadhouse has been one of the greatest opportunities of my working experience. The staff is amazing and truly dedicated to their employees and their customers. The atmosphere is fun and energetic!
I love working at Texas Roadhouse! The culture is fun and friendly, and the compensation is great while being a full time student.
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I love my experience working at the Texas Roadhouse. I have worked for the company for about four years now and it is a great place to work. All of the employees get along great with each other and we all work as a cohesive unit to get the job done.
Very fun place to work and eat. The customers and the employees were very nice and helpful while training. Everyone helps everyone. The hours flexible. There is mostly college student that work there. The management is great. They work so hard. Everything inside is very clean and organized.
The people I worked with were spectacular but the management was I feel under qualified because we had a lot of issues but those issues have been fixed from what I have hear but when I worked there it was a mess.
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