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6040 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY 40205
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Texas Roadhouse has been a really great opportunity for myself. It has helped me come out of my shell and really concentrate on my social skills, which has in turn helped me really love the job. I have found myself actually WANTING to work to be with my friends and talk to all the interesting guests that come in! They also take care of their employees and I am glad I have this job while I am in school. They are awesome with helping with scheduling so you may get a career AND go to school. It has really helped with getting motivated to go back to school!
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Loved working for the company! Just left this month to pursue my own business endeavors, but I am very thankful for working for Texas Roadhouse for 4 years. I LOVE the culture, passion, fire, and drive on the openings and being able to call so many people my work family. Unfortunately, if management does not encourage the culture in our home stores, it is a rare thing to see that fire. My store would only focus on front of house culture, and as a back of house trainer, I saw us get left behind. Tried to bring it up to my MP and manager, but did not see any change for BOH. Other than that, I was very blessed by my time there. Liked my manager because he would always try and fix issues when he became aware of them. I loved how we always had uppers coming in to check on the quality of our work, and that I got to meet our market partner. Thankful for my time with Roadhouse and all of the fun and exciting experiences I had with the company.
I honestly love working at Texas Roadhouse! I have been there for a couple of months working at the one in Mesa, Az and I have seen a huge difference in how this company/restaurant is run in comparison to other places that I have worked.
The environment there is very friendly and it has such a fun/fast paced atmosphere to it. The employees are always smiling and when you ask someone if they really love their job, you know they mean it when the response is a yes.
The management there is so friendly and supportive! They want you to excel at what you do and they're always looking for more ways that the guests experience can be improved and what we can do as a team/family to help one another out.