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There’s good and bad as with any job. There’s lots of pressure to meet productivity goals. There’s a large focus on completing cases in one sitting.
My first real job was with the agency. It was ideal for someone just starting out in terms of benefits, pay and career growth. There are many employment opportunities. I've been able to develop skills that have helped with my career advancement.
There is an incredible opportunity to acquire job skills and promote within this large state agency. HHS has a robust leadership development program and plans for the future.
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In my region it very family oriented. My supervisors believe in spending time with your family. The benefits are great, just wish better pay.
The individuals we work with is the only reason I stay, It has a high turn over rate because of the way the managers treat their employees.
Enjoyed my time. Can be challenging to navigate political networking and associated funding. Would be great to see more support for staff during the legislative session.
Working in the human services division is challenging and rewarding, but the policies in place for personnel management take out the managers ability to use kindness in their decision making, which seems to be the opposite of the way employees are expected to behave. This disjointed effort leads to employees feeling undervalued and frustrated. Serving the public is rewarding, but it's also very difficult. When the frustration rises, this leads to employee burnout, mistakes and a huge turnover rate.
As far as the job and what it entails I have had a great experience. The job offers unique trainings such as an ending racism training. A co worker of mine started out as a contractor and became a regional coordinator. I have truly enjoyed the public health aspect of the job. You will experience a lot of unique interactions while attending different conferences and trainings. There will be opportunities to meet the served clients, participating agencies, and other employees. Your mindset will be changed regarding how different infectious diseases affects different individuals. There is sometimes work conflict. The building is in horrible condition. But I truly appreciate the public experience I have working here.
I have been working here for 3 years now and so far I've enjoyed my time. I started as a food service worker I working in the kitchen and serving the patients. Within a year I was promoted to Inventory Clerk I of the Food Service department. The pay is run on salary..and it could be better. But the benefits are great! Overall is an easy paced company that I'd love to retire from one day .
Been here a long time. OK to work here. good customer service experience. good computer experience. good location. good places to shop and eat.
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