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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Reviews

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I’m an Investigator and employed at Child Protective Investigations. I'm making a difference and it feels awesome. The hours are flexible. You have to work as a team to succeed in this field. There is no "I" in child safety. The team consists of your co-workers, clients, family support, and community. The team together will gather the proper equipment and tools to ensure the children are safe. The Department of Family Protective Service evolves constantly with changes in policies and regional expectations. The cases are fast paced and require office and field work. The pay and benefits are great.
I love my job, but it will very easily eat you alive. Your work is what you make of it, and I dedicate a lot of time and energy to the families I work with and the children on my caseload. I don't believe in being a 1/2 worker and not truly getting to know the people I work with, as our recommendations can make or break a family. I wish there were things in place with regard to self-care and stress relief for field workers. Management is purely dependent on your supervisor. Promotions are not based on experience or qualification, merely just interviewing and having a few years of tenure, but raises are given as you stay longer.
I liked the difference that is being made in the children and how we help those in need. There is a lot of need to social workers who want to make a difference and don't see this just as another job place.
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The department is not all bad there are a lot of good and helpful resources but the supervisors need more training.
The mission is one that I believe in. The people in charge in Adult Protective Services are unfortunately not very professional in the DFW area. I have never worked for a more under-handed group of individuals who use their bureaucratic lines of communication to basically get what they want no matter what it takes. Tax payer dollars are being mishandled, there is nepotism, unfair distribution of caseloads. It makes me so sad because the people who care generally get the bad end of the stick in this agency. I never wanted to believe people when they said the government is a bunch of lazy people getting a paycheck. Well, I witnessed it first hand. Not from the caseworkers or supervisors, but from the upper management and all the way to Austin. I have never seen such poor management. It is unfortunate for the population they serve. God Bless them.
The job is tough, but rewarding. There is great support for superiors. This job is for someone who is dedicated and self motivated.
I love my job, it is an entry level position, so it is pretty easy. At times, it is very stressful, some things can make you angry, and it is usually heart breaking. Upper level management, for myself, are not really managers, so to speak, just experienced caseworkers, who got promoted.
Excellent place to work. Challenging, but dedicated to making real change for parents and children in the community.
I love my job, but what I honestly dislike is the lack of advancement. It seems every time there is an opening for a better paying position, management already has someone in mind, but they still post the position and interview applicants but the bottom line is they already know who they are going to hire. It is sad but is the truth.
There is little incentive to move up in this employment. Policy is not always adhered. Often it is difficult to understand work duties as you will often be told different things on different days. I do not feel supported by my direct supervisor. The benefits are good, which includes healthcare, retirement, 401K, and time off. However, I often feel discouraged from taking time off, even though I have literally hundreds of hours in banked time. I have made some great friends, who have become like family, which is a huge reason for remaining in this employment. I like the idea of my job, but I feel that I am unable to complete that job due to getting lost in the paperwork and "other" tasks being asked of me. I do not get to spend enough time with my clients.
This has been a good job. The pay is good and the flexibility is even better! I have worked here for 5 years and have enjoyed the flexibility of my schedule. It has also allowed me to come out of my shell and really be able to help people in need.
I am employed as a caseworker and work with families to address safety risks and concerns so that the family can be reunited in a safe and stable environment. There is many blessings that come with the job including colleagues that work as a team, seeing families grow and make life change steps to better their family, stable income, medical benefits that are better than average employers in the state, and the satisfaction of knowing your protecting children while helping work towards a solution.
Very positive work environment. People are hard working, friendly, and supportive. Everyone pitches in to help one another as a team.
I worked for the Department of Family and Protective Services for a little over 6 months. I definitely enjoyed the co-workers and the flexibility of schedule that comes from the job. However, you are essentially on-call 24/7.
I love that everyone works together to help children who are in need. We have so many children in need for a foster home, but not enough homes in region to help place the kids. Our workers do their best to ensure that we keep siblings together, and most of the times it's difficult due to low number of foster homes available. With all of this occurring, still the workers help and we try to figure out solutions for our kids while in care.
If you can find the right department then you can love your job. There are little opportunities for advancement.
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