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when I apply for the job at Texas Department of Criminal justice, the test was not easy, but I passed. After the training, I have to be shadowed by an experienced correctional officer. the job was not easy at the beginning, but it get easier with the time. The crucial thing while working in prison is to stay all the time in alert.
The great benefit that you get while working there is your health coverage and your retirement. When you're a student like me, you can see your superior and ask a switch for part time. They will allow you to continue a career.
The pay is not worth the work that us legal assistants have to do. I came from the BOT as an Administrative Assistant V and the amount of work and the volume of offenders that we were required to bring in a week was absolutely ridiculous. They started loosing a lot of veteran employees because the pay and management were not top of the line and they choose to go elsewhere.
I will like to see the employer giving the promotion to those who really deserve it. the salary most is increase as well as the hazard duty pay. the company should allow the employees to shop for their own insurance. they should also care about the officers little beat more than the inmate.
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I am currently employed with TDCJ the Reentry and Integration Division, I love my job it is so rewarding. Because my job is to help all parolee to transition back into society from being in prison. I goal is to help client with food, clothes, employment, ID and need be with any benefits such SSI and Disability. All resources given to client is to benefit him or her in the process of transition in world of things.
I like the fact the T.D.C.J hires anybody that has a clean record. This is a perfect stepping stone to a law enforcement career. What I would like to change withing the agency is the long waiting list to transfer to a different unit. There is a five year waiting list to return to my home town of EL Paso, TX .
TDCJ needs a major overhaul to keep employees. However, they require no education or experience. So, it may be your best option if you need something better.
I work at the ISF. It has been a pretty good experience. The clients/offenders have not given me any troubles and I work welll with my coworker.
This is a very unique type of job and it takes a special person to do it. If you can handle it, it's a good place to work. Pay could be higher though.
My experience while working for Texas Department of Criminal Justice has been a wild ride. However, the insurance they offer is outstanding and I couldn't ask for anything better. The employees there getting along so well and work as a team. Just like every job there are good and bad days although there you are more good than bad. I work there as an Administrative Assistant II one of the easiest jobs there are there. There are times when you have to answer the phone to some unhappy family members of the offenders, but once explain the situation to them they normally become very understanding. The departments I work for his called Corrective Intervention and Pre-Release Program, Serious and Violent Offender Re-entry Initiative, and Gang Renunciation And Disassociation.
Experience of a life time, total changed me my eyes were opened and learned more about life within a very short period, risk factor is high one has to be cautious every single day
Your work environment will not be bad because of the Inmates.
It will be bad because the system is corrupt and if you have any sense of Moral Courage you will be outnumbered by those that do not in a management system that is in general more corrupt than the inmates housed within the gates. There are no MMPI-CPI tests and NO Nationwide Background checks ,
Merely TCIC State of Texas :
This means that you could be working with a Psychopath more maladjusted than your average inmate or an unadjudicated Felon. They do not serve the public or represent actual Law Enforcement
Don't just take me word for this realize that"There must always remain something that is antagonistic to good."
I have found it and it is TDCJ.
I have worked at TDCJ for more than 10 years it is a constant change and can be an experience for criminal justice. You experience different types of people daily and are tasked and challenged with change all the time.
At Texas Department of Criminal justice ,i like about the benefits we get like paid holiday , vacation time and sick time.

The other thing that makes me proud of TDCJ is that we are paid salaries,that mean we dont have to clock in and long as you come to work and you got days in your books, and for instance you have an emergency you are sick or your kid is, you can call in attend to your sickness and athe end of the month you get your full paycheck,
Thats the thing i love about TDCJ or government/ State jobs, you can plan your budget for every month and it will never disappoint you coz of getting a less paycheck since you called in one time.
I am happy to have been given the opportunity to work for such an amazing institution. Everyone that I have known who has been employed in TDCJ is a role model to me and a great citizen. I dont think that I would like to see anything change with the way it is run because I find it to be perfect.
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers a lot , from taking time off to being able to live a normal life. When you work here you become family with everyone. You get treated with respect and the employees do take care of you if you ever need anything or advice. The work schedules are great working 4 days on and taking 4 days off, so much to do. The benefits are great as well with health care, eyes, dental and more. It also does pay very well. I couldn't name anything off the top of my head that would need to be changed.
somewhat average. I think the management can do better by increasing the employee pay. I totally believe by increasing the pay many experienced employee wont be lost each year,
It is a good job, great benefits, good pay. The hours are good, you can retire when you turn 50 depends on your months of service
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Great benefits, excellent promotion opportunities, the schedule is steady and pay comes along with that. The correctional officers work as a team unit to help keep the operations running smoothly. Although the offenders can be difficult at times the environment being structured is helpful. The training opportunities are vast and helpful not only for work but life also. Different shift options to meet the unique demands of an individual employee's schedule.
I like the most of the people I work with, and that about describes the good part of the job. I would like to see my supervisors not abuse us working part-time in visitation by sending us to do jobs we didn't sign up for.
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