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This isn't the location I worked at but the one I did was in Pittsburgh and it is such an amazing company to work for!
i love the free meals and the friendly staff! Every night after our shift we can eat for free. i think thats very helpful especially for a lot of us college students who can't always afford a nice meal such as this. My managers are always very attentive to my coworkers and the guests. you will never see them hiding in the office. They are constantly on the floor helping out the whole staff, whether it be bartending, cooking, or serving they are there! i have never worked for such a helpful friendly environment before and i think its very comforting. this is most definitly a great company to work for with plenty of growth.
The employees as a whole work very hard and are not appreciated. Most are treated like they are expendable and it affects everyone’s demeanor with coworkers and guests.
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Working at Texas de Brazil has been a fun serving experience. The food is great, patrons are typically happy which leads to better tips and a positive environment.
I think Texas De Brazil has become like a friend to me. I am treated so kindly and I genuinely think that the managers do care about my well being and try to know more about what are my plans for the future. One of the things that I really like about them is the fact that they work with my hours. That is truly a blessing for me.
Now, the food is just as good as the environment. I love their Salad area and their potatoes with that mouth-watering sauce on it, cheese bread, and their white rice taste so Amazing!!! One thing i'm not a fan of is how loud the music is, but its okay. The environment makes up for it.
I am truly blessed to work at a restaurant like Texas de Brazil. Everyday I get to learn about new foods and drinks, the work environment is friendly, and the hours are flexible. There is not a single person I work with that I don't like, management is straightforward and understanding. Clientele is usually receptive and fun. Overall the best job I've ever had!
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