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Tesla Motors and newly added Tesla Energy is a wonderful job. I enjoy working with a company that is both innovative, and community driven. The goal has been set and we all work hard to push the dream. To be part of the movement geared towards bettering our environment through technology is a big deal. Another great part about working with Tesla is that it appeals to so many people. Most think that Tesla is just cars but we do so much more. It opens the conversation to how they can be a part of the solution to better our world.
One of the best opportunities I have gotten in my life. Amazing people, amazing projects, and an amazing atmosphere of growth and innovation. If you wish to learn in a year, what others learn in 10, work at Tesla.
Tesla was a wonderful company to work for in today's world. They are truly changing the world, and as an employee, I was able to be a part of that! It is some of the hardest work you will ever do, but it is incredibly rewarding.
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If you're looking for a stable, predictable work environment, look further than Tesla Motors and/or Tesla Energy Operations. Most people I work with, myself included, show up to work daily with uncertainty that we'll still be employed tomorrow. In the past two years of my employment, over 23% of the workforce was laid off unexpectedly, and there have been multiple hiring and payroll freezes while offices all over the country struggle with staffing issues. Meanwhile, our office's Net revenue is massive - employee payroll makes up only a small fraction (less than 5%) of our project gross revenue.
The company is a great one to work for. The idea of it and the ever evolving company is amazing to learn about. I do suggest that there be more efficient ways to go about tasks on a consistent basis. The way to go about things are always changing just as much as the evolution of the idea of electric vehicles. Communication from upper division needs a little more precision on clarity when discussing new strategies. Overall a great company that is very welcoming to all walks of life and trying to better the world on a global scale.
I enjoyed my time working at the Tesla Production facility in Fremont, CA. The facility was clean and well-organized as far as production and maintenance. Overall I enjoyed working for Tesla as they are a dominant technological company in the currently expanding industry.
The job is very easy, especially for the compensation. However, hours are cut seemingly arbitrarily without much notice and temps are not given much info about conversion time frames. There is also a huge opportunity for advancement.
Love being part of an innovative company with great technology giving us all a greener solution to our basic needs, hate the how unstable the company is.
Currently a production lead. Days are long but the work schedule is nice, when you actually get the schedule you're supposed to. Mandatory overtime happens occasionally (my first few month working there were mandatory 60 hour weeks at minimum) but the pay is competitive and the benefits are swell. However, Giga 1 in NV is located along a very dangerous highway, with an extremely high death rate per capita. Sometimes you'll be stuck in traffic four hours because of an accident. Actually it's quite often.
There is nothing that I would like to see change. I am 23 years old and physically disabled. Due to my injury I had never worked a day in my life until I saw a job opportunity open up in my area for a field energy specialist with Tesla. I ended up getting the job and I can say it was the best experience of my life. Everyone from the CEO to my fellow field energy specialist wanted to see me and everyone else be successful. Everyone was always happy and helpful; something that I didn’t expect to experience in the sales world. From the benefit and salary to the mission we all chased, I couldn’t be more proud of the company that I worked for
I had an awesome supervisor. Down side was those who had knowledge about the job such as engineers withholding information for job security.
Welcoming atmosphere, great benefits, and due to the type of factory it is, the workplace is full of innovation and positivity.
It is a great place to work. The crowd is diverse. The work environment is fast-paced and exciting. You get a good learning experience and develop new skill sets. Managers are encouraging and supportive.
this was a grand experience. The employees are self motivated and get the job done. the people in charge may very of good work flow and experience. the women ratio is 50 to 1 of men. there is alot of benefits . there needs to be more support for minority and women workers to get promoted. the team is very optimal to their mission as well.
Tesla is a very exciting company to work for. It is very challenging but also rewarding. You are highly expected of and better deliver or you will be pushed out. Middle management is not very good but upper management is amazing. Working at a service center has its issues but overall, it is an amazing company that is working to change the world. If you are considering working for Tesla, make sure to know that you are going to always be adapting to new processes and have to be open minded. Also, they pay well for the work that you do. They are pretty easy as far as scheduling, you pretty much make your own hours but you have fulfill certain requirements within your span of work. Great insurance, since the company is still so young there is ton of growth opportunity, you get tons of PTO, stability is kinda low but they try make it high (just work your ass off), and location is anywhere that you really want to work.
When I started, we were owned by SolarCity, which was a great company to start. Then things went downhill and we were bought out by Tesla - and unfortunately things only went downhill from there. No employee appreciation, really low morale, terrible compensation, and no room for growth. When I started there I made it clear that this was a job that I wanted to grow and work my way up in, but there was nowhere to go. The benefits were great, though - that's the only reason I stayed.
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Tesla does a great job with the amount of resources they provide to the employee. The pay is well above the average rate in town, they also provide transportation to work in many locations. The hours are long and it’s hard to work here and go to school or see your family if you work at night but it pays off with the 3 to 4 days off.
I liked the other employees, however, when I discovered a multi-million dollar flaw and reported it.. I was fired.
Very stressful kinda over worked and like a higharky that all jobs under management are frowned apon
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