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My experience with Tenneco Hartwell Facility is spotty at best. The management of the Lines was not on an Experience based Personnel. The biggest improvement that i could offer is, make sure the management have actually worked the same jobs that they are in charge of, there is confusion as to why the workers are doing there jobs that way because the management doesn't know.
There was a lot to learn. Including training on SAP. Most people seemed happy. The work day started early and seemed to go quickly.
This is for the Seward, NE location. Tenneco is not for all. They pay and benefits are good. The environment is not healthy. There is no temperature control while working around many, many machines creating heat. The only air movement is from fans which are not very helpful when they are merely pushing around the warm air. They claim to give everyone equal chances, or use seniority to make decisions but the management show clear favoritism or are biased even for a particular race.
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There are some exceptional qualities such as pay rate, continuing education financial assistance, affordable healthcare, opportunities for advancement, and some colleagues from whom much industry-specific knowledge can be gained. However, these qualities are coupled with very little to no vacation time; which is very necessary because of the massive number of overtime hours expected, and some leaders in management who condescend to those with less power. The company has such potential and already has a global presence. If it were to put more effort into its positive aspects, Tenneco would be a truly great company for which to work and from which to ultimately retire. Management training and a serious look at policies ans procedures could help it reach that objective.
We have to work alot of overtime, the work life balance is horrible. Work takes precedence over everything.
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