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Mostly good; concerned with profit but tries to balance with good care and retainment of staff. Responsive to concerns of employs. Steps in to help in disasters and has plans that encompass catastrophic occurences that happen to employees.
I like my flexible hours. I have a great team behind me. I love my specialty. The pay at this company is very competitive and good for the area. I wish the company will provide at least partial reimbursement for advanced degrees for nurses and on site child care even if I had to pay for it.
Tenet is a progressive company with extensive resources. There partnership with USPI has increased their presence in the healthcare market. The growth strategies used are progressive and the use of technology has aided in being one of the top healthcare providers in the U.S.
Multiple strategies being rolled out to staff at one time is a challenge for leaders at Tenet. Overseeing compliance with the numerous balanced scorecard metrics is challenfging and can lead to burn out. Support from leadership is essential to the success of those at the facilities.
The new CEO has made visits to the facilities and is engaging and very direct in his message regarding his vision for the company. His background in areas outside of healhcare bring a fresh perspective to the arena of healthcare delivery.
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I have worked for Tenet Health in Tucson Arizona. They have great benefits and encourage staff implementation of all people are equal regardless of position and education. It is a great place to work.
The company has been great in regards to treating me well, however I sometimes feel I don't have job security.
What I like is about tenet is that we have a weekly update about our hospital. Our administration comes by on weekends to give us treats and ask how we are doing. We get a onus if we refer a friend.
Tenet does not care about their employees. Nor do they care about patient care. All they really care about is making profit.
Tenet is a family oriented company. Tenet encourages their employees to do work in there communities.
Always a friendly environment with every healthcare need. From labs, to Doctors appointments, I am always welcomed by a friendly and well experienced staff member.
I love my job but there is no room to grow so I will go back to school in hopes of a better life. Overall the company is a wonderful place to learn and grow.
I love how employees work together to get things accomplished. I wish there were more staff meetings so that our department can come together with ideas to make our job less stressful and if management would implement the staff ideas
Very compassionate staff who is dedicated to making sure your schedule accommodates your life also very flexible with school schedules and offering extra hours to work.
I have worked for Tenet for 15 years in a specialty unit. What I like is that they hire and train new grads unlike most hospitals. They also work closely with the local community college to provide quality nurses upon graduation.
I really enjoy working tenet. You have the opportunity to clean new things and change different roles.
People are super friendly everyone tries to help one another. Managers are always around to help and guide everyone when needed. Never feels hostile or like they are breathing down your neck it actually is a relaxed atmosphere where people enjoy coming in to work
I have worked with Tenet since 2012 and have worked for four different Tenet Hospitals. The nursing staff is very experienced, welcoming and for the most part love their jobs of taking care of patients and yearn to make differences in patients lives and experience at the hospital. I have enjoyed the different opportunities Tenet provides for careers, I began my career as a staff nurse and now am able to work for a Tenet Agency as being in school this gives me more flexibility in my schedule. The current hospital that I work at in WPB, FL is Tenet owned and is well run, the management is approachable, encouraging and listens to staff and takes their opinions and views into consideration which creates a healthy work environment.
Tenet has a culture of using evidence-based practice and seeks improvement. The staffing pattern in the medical-psychiatric unit is inadequate for patient care needs for this population. Inadequate use EHR in mental health with no psych program and no notification at nursing station for bed alarms need change.
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I have worked with the company for 12 years and I plan to return when I finished my master's. This company had great benefits. I work in a hospital, which can be stressful at times however I find it very ward I ng work.
I like the flexibility and would change management. There are many facilities and opportunities to move around across the system as it is nation wide.
This is based off a hospital in Tucson, AZ that tenet bought out about a year and a half ago. I enjoy working for this corporation. They've invested a lot of time and money into the hospital. They've brought in smart people to help manage and adjust things they think need fixing or adjustment. They've got our safety scores up to a grade A which is the safest hospital in Tucson currently which shows a lot. Only a couple things I don't like with this corporation. Some of the products they've switched us over to are very cheap and have poor quality. The other thing is our staffing and patient ratio. Those are the only things I don't like about the corporation.
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