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Temple University Hospital Reviews

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Temple Hospital is not a bad place to work. The people are nice for the most part and the benefits are a plus. It would be nice to have a daycare for employee's children on site. The cafeteria should also have an employee discount and parking could cost less.
It is great experiences to work at Temple University Hospital. It's culture stability workplace with many opportunities for growth and educational experiences.
You have to work harder to cover for the medical assistance / welfare insurances that only reimburse small amounts for care.
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The general atmosphere is pleasant given the questionable neighborhood the hospital is in. Temple University offers best evidence based treatment options to its patients and clientele. Employees are union based and work well as a team to present its patients and surrounding community members with an approachable environment for healing and opportunity.
Excellent inner city hospital, critically ill patients, many patients with only the hospital for their primary care. Known for lung transplants, level 1 trauma hospital, lots of diversity with patients and staff.
Working as an intern at Guest Relations is great because I'm interacting with the patients an overall assisting with their nonclinical needs.
Temple University Offers a unique healthcare experience. Due to its location, there is a wide variety of patients who come in to this hospital with different problems. Academically, TUH is always advancing itself in research and standards of care.
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