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This was not a very insightful job to work for. They are not good at training their employees and it is hard to move up in management.
More training needed before going out on floor. Should not expect everyone to have same metrics. Custer service is name of the game and when you Excel at that, you should not be punished for it
Enjoy talking with the members that call in. It is a good place to work for fresh out of high school young adults to get them actively started in the work force. Its also good place to work for people that enjoy helping people.
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It's a Monday through Friday work week for most, but not all. Hours can range from 8 am to 8 pm. Lots of fun with coworkers. Fast paced, but we make a differences in the lives of people.
Worked as a health insurance agent it was great I liked the hours and the pay was great. They also paid for my insurance license and I am happy about that because it’s another tool added to my belt and I can continue making money
Good job for psychopaths who never mentally/emotionally finished middle school. If you want to work with adults who frequently act like children, but aren't qualified for a white house job, this is the place.
Awesome fun environment full of hardworking people! The experience you receive from this job can take you places as well as this job is easy to move up in meaning everyone wants the success of others
The management in the company is terrible. Racism, discrimination, bullying, and favoritism are rampant. My pay has been incorrect constantly and I am forced to take on the work of three departments on one workers salary. Honestly there needs to be an entire overhaul of the management system, new staff and stricter HR rules need to implemented. As well there needs to be a system open to advance within the company and to earn annual raises and fair vacation time.
If you miss work for being sick and you have a doctor's note, it doesnt matter. You could be written up anyway. Your experience depends solely on who you get as a supervisor. You will meet new people constantly because the turn over rate is so high. Dont get too attached to people in training, they most likely will not be there by the end anyway. Pay is not really a living wage. There are other call centers with a better atmosphere that the starting pay is more. They do start employment quick though
I enjoy working here. The atmosphere is encouraging and the people are supportive. I enjoy the coffee machine
Working there was horrible. Made me feel that I could be replaced without any issues. If you need any help or questions once your own the floor you are on your own.
I loved working with them. The people are friendly and very understanding. They work with you on scheduling. They have remote and on-site positions. They also have benefits, great work compensation when you do well (bonus).
I love the flexibility of the schedule. This company allows employees to work from home or on site. There are many projects to choose from. The benefits are not reasonable in comparison to the pay rate and should be improved. Speaking of pay rate, it is not competitive to what other companies are offering work from home agents.
It’s not a permanent job. It’s good for a while, customer service is hard. Working for a call center sucks and it takes a toll mentality if you let it.
They are an amazing company to work for. You have multiple ways and positions you can work and all from the comfort of your home.
Schedules were flexible but that has been taken away. Pay has been capped. Bonuses available every month.
I love the fact that everyone is friendly and shows great team work. Working here is like a have a whole family to help me become a strong leader.
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So far, my experience at Teletech has been smooth sailing. The environment is very easy to work in and adapt to. The managers and team leads on-site are extremely knowledgeable and are always available to assist. Whenever there are hiring sprees, I recommend this job to anyone I know, who's reliable, to apply. The benefits and atmosphere at my particular location is friendly and accepting of others.
I would like to be able to speak to a live person that is in the USA when there is a problem with pay, management etc.
Very interesting company to work for. The pay is highly competitive and draws in an array of employees. The work environment is somewhat lax and is full of diversity. Some downsides would be the newest site's business foundation and low expectations of cleanliness.
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