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9197 S Peoria Street
Englewood, CO 80112
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Teletech is an internet based customer service company that provides phone and chat support for many famous retail stores/brands. My project worked on Best Buy Accounts and I was responsible for addressing account issues, refunds, order status, and even tech support.

The job is demanding because of high call volumes, lack of resources, poor communication between leads and workers. The convenience factor was in it being an online job you didn't have to leave your home (except for the initial drug test) that quickly changed however when they issue ever changing schedules.

They have a very confusing work metric system that hinders productivity and poor tech and supervisor support, however they normally pay on time, offer extra hours, and provide some benefits after working there for 6 months.
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If you miss work for being sick and you have a doctor's note, it doesnt matter. You could be written up anyway. Your experience depends solely on who you get as a supervisor. You will meet new people constantly because the turn over rate is so high. Dont get too attached to people in training, they most likely will not be there by the end anyway. Pay is not really a living wage. There are other call centers with a better atmosphere that the starting pay is more. They do start employment quick though
So far, my experience at Teletech has been smooth sailing. The environment is very easy to work in and adapt to. The managers and team leads on-site are extremely knowledgeable and are always available to assist. Whenever there are hiring sprees, I recommend this job to anyone I know, who's reliable, to apply. The benefits and atmosphere at my particular location is friendly and accepting of others.