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Great place to get experience. Pay very very low compared to the market. They are all about numbers.
It's very friendly, but there should be an adjusted time between calls' s to not overwhelm the employee. I feel like that's the sole reason people get up and quit is because they feel stressed by the back to back calls.
I really enjoy working for this company because they are supportive of me while I pursue my higher education. They treat all of their employees with fairness and respect. I am very grateful for this job because they strive to help employees achieve work/life balance and are very accommodating.
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Teleperformance makes all of their employees feel like they are family. Everyone is very supportive and helpful.
I really enjoyed my supervisors co workers and the environment itself . Very helpful people and positive place of work. I really Hope breaks and somewhat change due to overbearing call volume!
This company is a good starting point. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but compensation can really be re-evaluated.
My experience with Teleperformance has been wonderful so far, I worked for Alliance One which is owned by Teleperformance. I work at the Courthouse as a Collection Agent. They are very understanding and thoughtful, they are always putting there employees first and make sure that we have everything that we need to get our day started.
Been my first time working at a call center, I love the branch I work for! It is a great place to grow in communication skills, patients and most importantly learn how to multi task. I would recommend this job to anybody trying to pay college like myself. Of course it has its downs but the outcome is always great.
I have worked there 5 years and have advanced several times. With advancements come pay raises and ways to improve myself.
There are a bunch of reasons behind this but my biggest problem is the communication gap between departments and upper management. I've worked with two clients so far and have seen multiple employees get a pretty raw deal because of miscommunication on the companies part. Not to mention their medical benefits for full time employees are crap.
I enjoyed her that I had my own space . I did not like that there is favoritism toward supervisors and employees
They were not as flexible as promised. overall manager-representative communication is poor. leadership is not reliable. supervisors do not live up to expectations.
My experience working is that I have a flexible schedule and my manager is very understanding. Changes I would like to see is more incentives.
The company does not care able its employees, the work to pay ratio is completely ridiculous and management is terrible.
Its been great working here at teleperformance, great way to make money, lots of overtime, as long as you follow rules, arrive on time, take breaks on time, dress appropriate they will see that and will offer a promotion. You gotta show it.
The training for my project was very thorough. My supervisors are very helpful and friendly. The least pleasant point of the company is the extremely long interview process. My interview/onboarding took almost 3 hours and a friend of mine took over 4 hours. There was an online portion to determine which project to suggest for us which should definitely done prior to arriving to save time. This wasn't an option and something that should be implemented.
This would be a great place to work if you like to be surrounded by childish adults and a hostile environment. Managers are mostly nowhere to be found when it is time to assist the employees. Customers are rude and the employees aren’t pleasant.
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Opportunities for growth, friendly management, open door policy. One site that I worked at had food vendors Monday through Friday. A lot of rewards, gift cards, chances to win prizes, referral bonus.
Teleperformance is a very great place to work. The main thing I love about working here is the chance to work with the program Xbox. It’s a fun environment where customer service is a must and you end up enjoying the talks with your customers . Overall the job is pretty awesome but of course there’s a few things they can work on for the employees benefits make parking easy to access, offer more school oriented schedule hours.
Good place to work to get a consistent paycheck. Potential to move up. Diverse group of employees, with solid company policies.
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