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TEKsystems has some excellent contract partners that provide solid professional experiences and competitive pay. However, the benefits, culture, and communication could use improvement. There are little to no paid holidays, which can make it quite difficult to serve your family and create work-life balance. Overall, I recommend TEK, but would encourage you to advocate for yourself and your contract.
Teksystems was very efficient with job placement, however not very promising in compensation. Once a recruiter hires you .. they may reach out a couple of times within the year.
The job is based on who you are contracted with. I wish they offered 401k contributions. Since you are a contractor there are no security or job growth opportunities.
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Health plan is slightly better than market. No PTO since I'm a contractor. They do take me to lunch, though.
Went in for an interview. He was very helpful with showing
Me the right information technology to have he made me a copy and I've been using it ever since. Good place to work.
Recruiters are dedicated to finding a job that fits well with your schedule and location, and benefits programs are very good for what I need.
TEKsystems is a recruiting company for tech companies, that allow companies to hire employees and avoid full benefits.

In essence you are a product that TEKsystem recruits and "sells" to another company. This company "buy" this product for a certain amount that is a lot cheaper if they bought the product directly. So you get bought for $100 and you get paid $25. TEKsystems keeps $75. This works out because if the company was to give you full benefits they would have to pay $200.
I like making good money and working with an amazing team! I would not change anything about this company.
I like that Teksystems puts for effort in order to make sure my work experience is going well. They consistently check up on me and ask if they can help in anyway to make my work experience better. I can not think of anything to change or make better about my company.
I worked as a contractor, but ended up switch contracting companies based primarily on insurance costs. TEKsystems' insurance for contractors is obscenely expensive for minimal coverage. I originally thought it was just a contracting company thing, but the company I moved to has rates less than half of what I was paying at TEK (and that's with me basically getting the highest cost option of every option with my new company). Otherwise, TEKsystems was fine. Their communication could be a bit better, but it's not a bad company.
Has been an amazing company so far! Processes are smooth and as a consultant, I feel "attached to the mothership" and not like an orphan. This is a definite plus compared to other consulting organizations that I've worked for in the past.
The actual work that I am doing at TEKsystems is great. I am learning a lot when it comes to IT related issues presented at a higher level. The work environment however is one of the worst that I have been in for an IT environment. From hovering managers that impose team wide rules to punish a single individual to unstable individuals being hired to IT teams with sometimes not even working knowledge of using a computer, the location that I am working at has never been worse. There are frequent outbursts by certain coworkers on the floor and a few months prior an individual was arrested for assaulting his supervisor.
I love working at Teksystems, it truly is a professional workplace where you can gain the skills you need. Working here enables you to push you to become a better business person. You are talking to numerous people everyday and on top of that you're helping them out as well. Being able to accommodate IT professionals with their career choices helps you become better equipped with knowledge on how to positively impact your career path as well. Teksystems creates leaders and hardworking professionals. Everyday is a learning lesson and everyday you are constantly receiving helpful constructive criticism.
The individuals are friendly, knowledgable, and try to help as they can. My recruiter kept me up to date on many of the things happening for company events, and holidays. The company also gives gifts on special occasions, they really make an effort to show they care.
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