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I like my workplace, it is stable and a good job. Most people there are educated and work hard. It runs efficiently and offers what I need in a job. Team Health is a good company to work for. They offer flexible scheduling. The hours are long but what medical/hospital does not work long hours??
There is definte discord amongst the employees and protocols in place. During my time I have had to deal with so many issues of disrepect and unprofessionalism. There is a huge gap when it comes to protocols of patient care between staff members and lack of professionalism amongst a few of the physicians with regards to treatment of other staff members and patients.
I absolutely love my job here at Teamhealth. It is an amazing company to work for they genuinely care about their employees. All the people are friendly it is such a great atmosphere.
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TeamHealth offers great benefits for all staff. The doctors really benefit from working for TeamHealth instead of the hospital. There are plenty of incentives offered as well as smooth sailing due to administrative help.
My experience at Teamhealth has been wonderful. I have met a group of lovely employees. I wouldn't change anything about my choice of choosing this nicely blended company
I have greatly enjoyed working at TeamHealth as a telephone triage nurse. We are blessed to get to speak to patients of all walks of life and have a staff that is supportive and a management team that is open to change.
I am a "remote" employee. I work on a PRN basis from home. I love my job, my coworkers, and my boss. The company regularly acknowledges employees who have gone above and beyond and typically the top of the ladder is well aware of what is going on at the bottom.
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